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Hub spring hours are in effect

MRU can feel a bit lonely this time of year - most students have gone off to do whatever students do during the summer (look for a summer job, maybe?) and if you're a Spring or Summer term student heading... Read More
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clubs care bb

SAMRU Clubs Care

Thank you, SAMRU Clubs! Did you know that the Students’ Association student clubs participate in active fundraising throughout the year? They’ve done some pretty amazing charitable work: in the last year,... Read More
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Hang on to those books!

The Used Book Sale will be back in the fall! We know…right now all you want to do is put on some shades, kick back in a lawn chair, and watch your textbooks burn. But we, your friends at SAMRU urge you:... Read More
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We’ve got you covered!

Need a new pair of glasses? Or worse - a dental cleaning? Don't worry: your SAMRU benefits plan provides you with coverage throughout the spring and summer, right up until August 31. If you're a Mount Royal... Read More
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