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november, 2015

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Help build a better MRU!

Starting this Fall semester, course evaluations for all your instructors will be available online! Complete your evaluations quickly and easily from your computer, tablet, or smartphone any time throughout... Read More
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YouTube Jukebox is back!

Have you ever wished you could share your favourite YouTube videos with a bar full of friends and strangers? (And honestly: who hasn’t?) Well, YouTube Jukebox is the night for you! Yes, on November... Read More
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Vote for your Student Governors!

Student Governors are campaigning for your vote this week. These are students - just like you! - who are eager to make a difference. This year, we have ten candidates running for seven positions, and... Read More
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Last Day to Withdraw: Important Info

Did you know your instructors are required to provide you with 25% of your grade by this past Monday, November 16, 2015? November 20th is usually the last day to withdrawal from your courses, but if you... Read More
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