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Pride week at SAMRU

By Dawn LinnemollerFor several years, SAMRU has hosted Pride Week right here on campus through the Pride Centre (formerly known as the Diversity Centre). It is a varied week with events for the most... Read More
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Locally carbonated pop at The Hub

[caption id="attachment_1806" align="aligncenter" width="180"] Tuesday Night Live![/caption]By Dawn LinnemollerFeatured in FFWD, Exclaim!, Vue Weekly, Impose Magazine and many other publications, Lab... Read More
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Edmonton hip hop comes to Calgary

By Dawn LinnemollerWhen three friends from Edmonton got together, each with different musical experiences and different influences, they saw an opportunity to create their own particular flavour of... Read More
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The return of Live Music Tuesdays

By Dawn LinnemollerLocal live music took over the stage of The Hub last semester, and in the winter 2013 semester you can expect more of the same. Rad local bands are already lined up to take the... Read More
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Join a club or start your own!

By Dawn Linnemoller Not long ago your elected SAMRU president Kaylene McTavish was quoted in the Calgary Herald about professional development opportunities on the MRU campus. Post-secondary and... Read More
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