Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Affiliation


  • Sabrina Ahmed President
  • Needa Chawdhry Vice President
  • Maryam Sadiqa Activities Representative
  • Nimra Aamir Treasurer

Primary Contact Information

Mission Statement

AMSA will strive towards raising awareness about the true, peaceful teachings of Islam at Mount Royal University. It will facilitate healthy discourse by organizing interfaith symposia and events. It will also provide a healthy environment for young Muslim students to meet and enjoy each other’s company. AMSA hopes to promote a peaceful image of Islam and to encourage friendly and harmonious coexistence with students of all faiths and beliefs.


The main purpose of this organization is to provide necessary guidance / counselling to its member’s in matters relating to social, cultural, academic and religious importance and to provide assistance beyond counselling where it will be necessary. Furthermore, through his personal example of benevolent behavior, each member of AMSA at MRU will strive to portray the true life of an Ahmadi Muslim.

AMSA at MRU will arrange events designed at promoting mutual understanding and respect amongst various students and student bodies at Mount Royal University. AMSA at MRU aims to establish an information center for students, staff, faculty, and alumni for the purpose of providing current information regarding the events occurring in the Islamic world. AMSA at MRU will maintain a connection with the other AMSA student bodies in other universities and colleges across Canada and with Ahmadi students who are also Alumnus of Mount Royal University.