Asian Relations and Culture (ARC)


  • Catherine Chow Co-President
  • Tyler Ko Co-President
  • Jason Lai Vice President Internal
  • Tommy Le Vice President External
  • Kylie Wong Events Manager
  • Johnny Tran Events Coordinator
  • Wine Tran Events Coordinator

Primary Contact Information

Facebook: Facebook
Instagram: @arcmru

Mission Statement

Asian Relations Culture Club's main objective is to create an environment for students to be comfortable and get to know fellow students with a common interest. If you have interests in anime/magna, video game, kpop/jpop/jrock culture lovers, or Asian foodies, you're bound to find a friend in ARC.


Asian Relations Culture Club was created for students to meet other students, whether current or new, through our gatherings and events. We use Asian Culture as a means of common ground, so it doesn't necessarily mean that you must be of Asian background to join.