Mount Royal Firearms Club (MRFC)


  • Aaron Horne Co-President
  • Cameron Steel Co-President
  • Matt Linder Vice President External
  • William Charabin Vice President Internal
  • Jeremy-James Mercer Secretary
  • Matthew Smith Treasurer

Primary Contact Information

Facebook: Facebook

Mission Statement

The mission of the MRFC is to promote the safe and responsible use of firearms for students at MRU. This will be accomplished through:
~affiliating with a licensed gun club, through which proper safety training and a safe
environment is provided,
~advocating for the safe and legal use and storage of all firearms, as defined by the Federal Government, and
~providing proper education for all members and interested parties on the safety, legal use, and storage of all firearms.


We are a group of students who are committed to advocating for the safe and legal use of firearms. Visit our website at