MRU Harry Potter Fan Club


  • Rhiannon Leslie Minister for Magic/President
  • Joel Martens Minister for Magical Games and Sports
  • Emily Beckley Minister of Fun
  • Ben Van Dierendonek Minister for Muggle Relations

Primary Contact Information

Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: @mru_hpclub
Instagram: @mru_hpclub

Mission Statement

The Harry Potter Fan Club serves as a fun, safe and inclusive space for friendship on the MRU campus with the foundation of common interest in the Potterverse. Additionally to foster a community of healthy living and friendly sportsmanship via the Mount Royal Manitcores Quidditch Club.


The MRU Harry Potter Fan Club is a free to join, all inclusive community that strives for fun, interactive and uplifting activities while enjoying the Potterverse and all its nerdiness. Meetings will include Harry Potter related crafts, trivia, outings, discussions, and more! Knowledge of Harry Potter is not required, but meetings may contain spoilers. Come check us out on facebook at MRU Harry Potter Fan Club, or email us at
Additionally, as branch off of the HPFC, The MRU Manticores Quidditch Club includes fun, competitive and weekly practice of league level Quidditch on campus. Find us on Facebook at Mount Royal Manticores Quidditch Club