One Love Club


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Mission Statement

We are a Christian based club encouraging a diverse counter culture lifestyle that is different from society. We host entertaining community events where people are loved, valued, and understood. We believe that we are called towards a purpose to be a light reflecting Gods spirit and love.


This club is all about creating faithful, meaningful and mindful connections among people and being an influence within our set of beliefs. University is a dynamic place full of diversity including different perspectives, cliques, cultures, and environments. We want to make this “new place” as diverse and community orientated as possible so we can be an influence towards others and reflect and communicate Christ’s love and holy spirit within us. Does not matter who joins, we welcome students of diverse religious perspectives, gender identities. We accept people where ever they are at in life because we know Jesus sat with these people in HIS presence, welcomed them and transformed them using his power of love and grace. We truly believe his spirit is life giving and can break through adversities in your life. Having community with others will not only benefit your relationships and well-being but strengthen you emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally and & call you towards a greater freedom and purpose in your life.