Power to Change


  • Toluwanimi Okunola President
  • Ami Yan Treasurer
  • Devi Bhatia Executive
  • Andrea Wong Executive
  • Michael Oostenbrink Executive
  • Amelia MacAusland Executive

Primary Contact Information

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Mission Statement

Power to Change exists to help students discover Jesus and change the world.


Power to Change aims to serve the campus by being a spiritual resource for students, especially for those who wish to dialogue about issues of faith. We want to provide a welcoming environment for students to share their beliefs and to learn about connecting with God. Power to Change also aims to hold events which will serve the student community on relevant topics such as leadership, social justice issues, and other important issues in our society. We desire to raise the level of dialogue on campus about life's deepest questions and how spirituality relates to different aspects of our world and our lives.