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A great way of getting to know your fellow MRU students and giving back to the vibrant campus community you’ve come to know and love is to volunteer with SAMRU! Volunteering has many benefits; not only will you get to know a wide range of other students and professionals in an area of interest, but it can also offer the chance to put what you’re studying into action, offer a great resume-addition, give you access to free training and development opportunities, and give you a great sense of accomplishment!


SAMRU is a great ‘safe space’ for various ideas and perspectives, and a friendly and welcoming place for MRU students to connect with their peers.


We’ve found over the years that certain programs and fields of study really connect well with some of our Service Centres which offer volunteer opportunities. All of our centres are currently recruiting new volunteers (as well as welcoming back returning volunteers too!) Keep reading!



If you’re studying:

Then consider volunteering at:

Anthropology or History

Cultural Mosaic Centre or

Native Students Centre


Biology, Environmental Science, Geology or

Interior Design or

Entrepreneurship or

Bissett School of Business


Centre for Student Initiative


International Studies or Spanish

Cultural Mosaic Centre


Practicum students & Student projects

Centre for Student Initiative


Broadcasting or Information Design

Student Outreach and Safewalk or


General Faculties Council


Business Administration, Business and

Entrepreneurship, or Journalism


General Faculties Council


Child & Youth Care, Child Studies or

Disability Studies


Peer Support Centre


Criminal Justice, Marketing, or Public Relations

Student Outreach and Safewalk


Ecotourism & Outdoor Leadership

Centre for Student Initiative


Student Outreach and Safewalk


Native Studies or

Justice Studies or

Child & Youth Care

Native Students Centre


Non Profit Studies

Peer Support Centre or


Faculties Council



Peer Support Centre or

Native Students Centre or

Pride Centre


Policy Studies

General Faculties Council or

Cultural Mosaic Centre


Psychology or

Women’s Studies or


Pride Centre


Social Work

Peer Support Centre or

Native Students Centre




This isn’t an exhaustive list at all, and volunteering in an area that is new to you can be a great way to gain exposure to new ideas and experiences! You can learn more about our service centres and volunteer opportunities by visiting our website.


Become a part of the vibrant student community in Wyckham House >>


By Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator