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If you’re looking to get more involved in campus life at MRU, look no further than Wyckham House. We have lots of ways for you to get involved and help make your time at MRU more memorable.


Want to make new friends?

If you struggle to connect with your classmates over beakers or textbooks, you aren’t alone. Lots of students find it hard to make new friends in university. While you share an academic interest with your classmates, you might not share cultural, social, or recreational interests with them. This is where SAMRU clubs come in! Join a club for students who love to ski, play first-person games, or dance to meet other students from a variety of programs who share your passions outside of the classroom. There are also clubs for students who want to share their cultural, political, or social values – along with clubs for students who want to explore their academic interests beyond the textbook and classroom.


Learn more about SAMRU clubs here >> or head up to the third floor clubhouse to chat with our clubs coordinator in person.


Want to volunteer?

If you’re looking to give back to your campus community, want to meet a variety of different people, want to share what you know while learning from others, or want to supplement what you’re learning with hands-on experience, SAMRU has a variety of volunteer opportunities.

More than just resume-boosters, our variety of service centers will give you the chance to really explore your interests while also contributing to the campus culture.

Check out all of the volunteer opportunities here >> or visit the lower level, second, or third floors of Wyckham House and see what appeals to you.


Want to change lives?

If you have a driving passion to affect change and make a big difference in the life of MRU students, then consider working with our governance team. There are a variety of committees and projects that student input is needed on, and we want your contributions! You can attend Student Council Public Sessions, join the Membership Development Fund committee, or encourage your fellow students to vote.

Learn more about how to get involved >> or visit our receptionist on the second floor of Wyckham House for more information.


  • By Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator, SAMRU