Student Governor Bios

For more information on the requirements and to review more benefits of becoming a governor, please visit the Become a SAMRU Governor web page.



Program: General Science major with a minor in Biology and English, 5th year

My name is Priyanka Dutt and I am in my 5th and final year of the General Science major with a minor in Biology and English. I have some pretty great relationships through SAMRU and decided to further my experiences by running for Governor, having since learned much more than I could have imagined to. Perhaps the best thing about my position is the amount of passion each and every governor brings to the table, from all sorts of viewpoints. Huge amounts of diversity exist on the board, be it through our self-expression or through our interests, and no concern is a simple yes or no when so many differing views coexist. I have volunteered with SAMRU for about a year or so now and have been engaged in multiple areas and centres. One of my favourite things to do is beading in the Global Citizen’s Centre, then drum until my fingers go blue. Generally speaking, my passion is creativity, be it through the way my fingers move in paint or the way words are strung together on a page. Some may say that I’m an eccentric person, believing heavily in ‘live and let live’ while also dreaming of being covered in tattoos of words and quotations. I also adore cats, while simultaneously being allergic to them. And Marvel will always have a special place in my heart.


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Program: Bachelor of Science – Geology

I’m a 3rd year Geology student who’s passionate about science and education. I was a Resident Advisor here for 2 years where I was able to meet and improve the university experience for many of my residents. I had the privilege of co-founding 2 clubs: The Secular Humanists of MRU and AgenC Events, both of which I am heavily involved with today and both of which have host events which I am immensely proud of. I have also worked as a Peer Tutor, and currently work as a Chemistry Teaching Assistant for Chemistry 1201, and a Student Success Peer in the Office of Student Success.

Having been at MRU for nearly 3 years now, I’m looking for a new way in which I can have a positive influence in the university which I’ve grown to love. This university has helped to shape me into the person I am proud to be today and I want to give that same experience to others. University is a place to grow, challenge the status quo, and enter unseen terrains. SAMRU is just another tool that we can use to meet new people and challenge ourselves to become who we want.


 NF- 2014-15

Program: Bachelor of Communications – Public Relations

This is my third year at Mount Royal University. I love being a student at this great university. I enjoy attending the various events that take place on campus and making new friends. I wanted to become a governor for SAMRU because I am passionate about making Mount Royal a better university. I want to represent my fellow students’ and help make our experience the best it can be.


Aaron Horne

Program: Education

My name is Aaron and I’m a 2nd year Education student at MRU! I ran for governor because I value this community, and view this opportunity as an very valuable chance to impact it in a positive and meaningful way. My favourite thing about SAMRU is that it provides students with a voice. Many things go on around the university that students are not even aware of, and SAMRU is always up to speed on it all. They advocate on behalf of students across all aspects of university life. The two most important things to me are tea and cats, and I surround myself with both as much as I can.



Program: Bachelor of Communications – Public Relations, minor in General Business, 4th year
Born and raised in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, I am currently in my fourth year at MRU. I’ve been a SAMRU governor for over three and a half years. My interests include writing, travelling and anything Disney. I have a previous Business Certificate from SIAST. I genuinely love school, hanging out with friends, reading and volunteering. I am usually always on campus, so feel free to say hi if you see me in the halls! I became a governor because I was interested in how SAMRU operated and to bring student issues forward for advocating. I enjoy being a governor because it gives me lots of different opportunities for growth in areas of leadership, relationship management and governance.


Program: Bachelor of Arts – Major in English literature, minor in Women and Gender Studies, third year

I love SAMRU because of the work that it does for its member students, and for the broader MRU community. When I started here in 2014, SAMRU Service Centres were my primary source of support, and I found a second home of sorts among my peers in the Pride Centre. As a governor, I work for the benefit of students. I feel like it is giving my time at MRU true meaning. I hope to continue that work throughout the remainder of my time here.


Brady Pember

Program: Policy Studies

I understand the significance of the role and will uphold the office with the highest level of diligence, respect, and responsibility. I will advocate for students, with particular care to four main areas: Supporting a safer campus, improving wi-fi, increasing financial aid, and providing financial stewardship.


cayley rawlyck 2

Program: Sociology

Working as a resident Advisor for the past three years has made me see the importance of being involved in the community. I love working for SAMRU and making a positive difference in students’ lives. I also love being involved on campus, as I have been previously as a Resident Advisor, and would love to be able to continue doing positive work for the school.


More information to come.



Program: Bachelor of Arts – Policy Studies 3rd Year and Social Work Diploma Graduate

I was interested in becoming a Governor because I wanted to continue to advocate for students and to understand more of the University as a whole. Being a Governor has given me the chance to apply the skills I am learning in my degree. I also enjoy being a governor because I have the chance to learn about governance and representing students. I have volunteered with SAMRU for five years and I love the supportive community and amazing opportunities! I am passionate about student mental health and initiatives which support student wellness, and I love gardening!


SpiritRiver 500x500

Program: More information to come.

I started volunteering with SAMRU right when I started school because of my passion to help others. I was a Pride Centre and Native Student Centre volunteer because I related to those areas with my own identity, but what I had the pleasure of getting was more than I could have wanted: learning about feminism, dating violence, trans related issues, and how to be an active bystander, to be there for my fellow students. My passion runs deep for the students, and it only made sense for me to apply for governor.


Steven Trottier Headshot - web

Program:  Bachelor of Communications – Public Relations

I am a fourth-year public relations student who loves to network and further develop my skillset in all areas. I have a passion for creating long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships and look to pursue a career in international trade upon graduation. In my spare time, I work at a non-profit community association as Summer Day Camp Director planning summer camp programs for children aged 3-12. I enjoy downhill longboarding, playing squash and love to collect big watches. As a travel-addict, I see value in experiencing foreign cultures and have visited India, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Belgium, Mexico, the Czech Republic and the USA.

I chose to become a governor for the SAMRU in attempts to give back to the students of Mount Royal. After graduating from high school in 2012, I was welcomed to MRU with an incredibly positive atmosphere in my first-year, and want to ensure that this level of enthusiasm and positivity continues for both current and future students. I am very excited for what the school year has in store for us and look forward to helping shape SAMRU’s vision for the future!


Program: Education

My name is Amanda VanNest, and I am currently in my third year in the Education program! For my first two years here, I was like the majority of students. I would go to class, do my homework, and go home. I was constantly seeking for new ways to get involved, meet new people, and make an impact, even if it was small. However, I had always come up short. I wanted to make something of my years here, and advocate for student voice.

Thus, is why I ran for Governor. I wanted to be the voice of students, increase transparency, and appeal to all the students who were just like me, and wanted all students to feel like they belonged, and know more about SAMRU. I absolutely love being a Governor, as it has allowed me to meet amazing people, work on behalf of students, make meaningful changes, and be part of the amazing community that is SAMRU! SAMRU is such a welcoming, non-judgmental, caring, and devoted association, and I am proud to be part of it, and to represent MRU students.