Vice-President Academic

Robbie Nelson

Program: Bachelor of Arts, Policy Studies; Minor in Economics

Phone: (403) 440-6402



Robbie Nelson is your Vice-President Academic in the Representation Executive Council. He has been a student at MRU since 2013, and is working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Policy Studies and minoring in Economics.

Robbie firmly believes that principled and effective student representation within the university can have a real impact on the experiences that all students face during their time here. Since he started at MRU, he has had the pleasure and privilege of serving as a student representative and advocate in a number of capacities. Prior to being elected, he served as a Governor on SAMRU’s Student Governing Board, a member of the Vice-President Academic Advisory Committee, and a two-time elected executive of the Policy Studies Students’ Society. In addition, he sat as a student member on MRU’s General Faculties Council, Arts Faculty Council, Academic Program and Priorities Committee, Teaching and Learning Standing Committee, and Task Force on Student Evaluation of Learning.

This year, Robbie plans to advance a number of priorities which will enhance the overall student experience at MRU. These include introducing a full reading week for the Fall semester, moving the course withdrawal date to the end of classes in each semester, increasing the use of low-cost and free electronic alternatives to expensive textbooks, and increasing the ease and flexibility of scheduling for students.

SAMRU Committees

  • Representation Executive Council
  • Representation, Events, Advocacy, and Lobbying Committee
  • Vice-President Academic Advisory Committee (VPAAC)

MRU Committees

  • Academic Plan Implementation Committee
  • Academic Program and Priorities Committee (GFC)
  • Academic Scheduling Committee
  • Academic Standards Committee (GFC)
  • Animal Care Committee
  • Arts Faculty Council
  • Arts Faculty Council Curriculum Committee
  • Budget Advisory Committee
  • Bylaws and Striking Committee (GFC)
  • Executive Committee (GFC)
  • Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension Curriculum Committee
  • General Faculties Council
  • Library Faculty Council
  • Requirement-to-withdraw Appeals Committee
  • Science and Technology Faculty Council
  • School of Nursing and Midwifery Requirement-to-withdraw-from-program Appeals Committee
  • Student Centre Liaison Committee
  • Task Force on Student Evaluation of Learning
  • Teaching and Learning Faculty Council
  • Teaching and Learning Standing Committee (GFC)
  • University General Education Curriculum Committee

External Committees

  • Council of Alberta University Students
  • MRFA/MRSA Coalition