Vice-President External

Dexter Bruneau

Program: Criminal Justice


I’m Dexter Bruneau – I’ve been a part of our community for four years. I’m here to work with you to build our community, and to take your experience to the next level. A vote for Dexter is a vote for:

  • Collaborative leadership
  • More money back in students’ pockets
  • healthy community

I understand how to work with our community, and how to engage our community in positive change. Voting Dexter means voting for:

  • Equitable funding for Mental Health: An end to “one size fits all” funding from government, and the beginning of sustainable and scalable funding models designed to support students.
  • Breaking barriers to Financial Aid: Increased access to resources and support for your needs, while keeping your costs and debt both low and sustainable.
  • Increasing stability to University Funding: Tuition and fee freezes have been great for students – let’s work on making sure when the freeze is lifted, tuition and fees remain sustainable and that University remains accessible to students
  • Bringing Arts and Culture back to our campus: The loss of our Fine Arts programs doesn’t have to mean the loss of arts and culture at Mount Royal University. Let’s grow life on campus.
  • Making public transportation easier than ever: The proposal of a new southwest BRT route would drastically alter the way students can commute – building transit to a state that works for you.

I’ve worked with community, and with government, and want to put these skills and experiences to work for you. Together, we can build a better Mount Royal.

SAMRU Committees

  • Student Governing Board

MRU Committees

  • MRU Strategic Planning