Vice-President Student Life

Valerie Caden-Baptiste

Program: Bachelor of Arts, Policy Studies; Business Minor


I’m Val. I’m your VP Student Life and am incredibly excited to work for you this year!

In September 2012, I began my journey at MRU as an undeclared Arts Major. Because I came from a really small High School and had taken a gap year, I knew no one on campus. While sitting in Intro to Archaeology two student executives burst into the classroom and told us that we should apply to be on the Student Governing Board. I decided to take this advice and now I’m here.

Getting involved on the Board was an amazing experience; I learned tons about governance, representation, and the awesome services we offer students. There are so many great ways to get involved at MRU and SAMRU. I’ve been a New Student Orientation Leader, Club Executive and Research Assistant and have volunteered for the Crowchild Classic, Get-Out-the-Vote and a number of SAMRU Committees.

I have a long list of goals for my term. I want to foster an inclusive and vibrant MRU community. Clubs are a passion of mine; I plan to increase opportunities for clubs to collaborate, raise funds and have their voice heard. I’m working on increasing awareness of campus sexual assault and reducing the stigma that survivors face. I also want to support the mental health of our students and deliver programming to help students during stressful times.

If you ever want to chat, my office is always open. If I’m not there, I can often be found sipping coffee in  the Hub.

SAMRU Committees

  • Student Governing Board
  • Policy Studies Activities Representative
  • Advisory Committee Member
  • Governor Accountability Work Group Chair