Archived: It’s time to vote!

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The 2015 Representation Executive Council (REC) election campaign period is well under way, and there are a number of students that are running and hoping for your vote to represent you through SAMRU.

If you don’t already know the students running – don’t worry, the campaign period started on February 20th, and you’ll get your chance to know all of them soon. Attend the candidates’ debate on February 26th and meet all of the students who are hoping to take a position on REC, or visit our website for the profiles of all of the candidates. In addition – take a look on stands around MRU for our printed elections supplement which will have great information.

Students will also be asked to vote on whether or not they agree that the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University should continue to collect the $3 Scholarship Fee each semester with no fixed end date. Finally, a plebiscite question is put forth, asking students their most preferred option for the SAMRU representatives to advocate for this year regarding how MRU should deal with government funding cuts.

Once you know who you are voting for and where you stand on the referendum and plebiscite questions … it’s time to vote!

You can vote online with ease – you don’t even need to change out of your comfortable pyjamas or leave your game of cards on the second floor lounge of Wyckham House. Just visit between February 26 & March 4 to vote online.

If you need more time or just like the personal touch, you can vote in person at the East or West Gate from March 2 – 4. The full schedule of where the polls will be and when is on our calendar:

No matter what changes you would like to see at MRU or SAMRU, or which candidates you think best represents your interests – the important thing is to get out and vote!

To learn more about the 2015 SAMRU REC elections, or to vote online (starts February 26th), please visit: