The Pride Centre is MOVING!

We have some exciting news to share: the Pride Centre is moving this summer! We’re still confirming exact dates, but the space will be open and operating by end of August, followed by a grand opening with ribbon-cutting which will happen... Read More
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Join the VP External Advisory Committee!

Want to get involved with advocacy on campus? You can with the VP External Advisory Committee (VPEAC)! Members of VPEAC meet at least once each month to discuss student issues as they relate to the external advocacy work of the... Read More
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Join the Student Life Committee

Want to get involved with advocacy on campus? You can with the Student Life Committee! The VP Student Life Committee (VPSLC) meets monthly to discuss upcoming SAMRU events, club initiatives, mental health activities and student life... Read More
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Congratulations – you’re done!

Finally, you're officially done with the semester!* You did it! The post-exam euphoria is thick in the air on campus, and even those of us who have been out of school for more years than we care to admit have a second-hand freedom... Read More
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When you finish university, you won’t remember the lessons you attended, the textbooks you read, or the courses you took. You’ll remember the experiences you had and the people you met. Student life is, arguably, one of the most... Read More
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