5 fun summer road trips to take in Alberta

With the last day of spring just past, summer's officially started. That means it's time for everyone's favourite summer activity: road trips! If you (or a friend) have a car, that means you have access to Alberta in all its amazing,... Read More
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The 6 easy(-ish) steps to buying a used car

If you've never bought a used car before, the process can seem a little bewildering - not to mention intimidating. But we promise: you can buy a used car yourself, even if you’re a total car newbie. But first, let's talk money. Let's... Read More
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50 years of SAMRU (and a party invitation!)

You might think you know everything there is to know about SAMRU. You've studied at MRU for 3/4/5/∞ years, after all, and you could navigate Wyckham House backwards and blindfolded. But did you know that SAMRU's roots go back to... Read More
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Advice to new grads

So you've graduated. Congratulations! It's been a long four or five or maybe, like, seven (no judgement here) years. Good news: no more group work assignments, ever. Bad news: now there's nothing between you and the frighteningly real... Read More
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How to ace a job interview

You're almost done this school year, hooray! Now comes the hard part: time to nail down a summer job (or, if you've just graduated, an all-the-time job, uggggghhhh). If you're already gainfully employed, congrats! But if you're still... Read More
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