Cannabis: what you WEED to know!

There's a stigma surrounding cannabis and its usage but we're here to set the record straight! Do you know all the different strains and their medical benefits? Get in the know before the Cannabis panel next week so you're informed on the... Read More
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Transform yourself for Gender Bender!

We asked: You answered: Steps: 1) Cleanse face 2) Wipe your eyebrows with rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad to dry them out and remove oils 3) Using a clear glue stick, rub the glue onto your eyebrows in the opposite direction... Read More
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Stress Less: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Feeling stressed? Understandable with midterms and finals just around the corner (summer is almost here, I promise!). Crafts are a great way to de-stress and you likely already have most (or all) of the supplies in your house! We'll show... Read More
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#SAMRUMoments Round-up!

When you finish university, you won't remember the lessons you attended, the textbooks you read, or the courses you took. You'll remember the experiences you had and the people you met. Student life is, arguably, one of the most important... Read More
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These #girlbosses are killing it in YYC

In honour of International Women's Day, we wanted to show you a few awesome girl bosses who are killing it in ol' YYC. Here are some ladies who have worked hard to achieve their goals and trail-blazed for so many others in the... Read More
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