The 6 easy(-ish) steps to buying a used car

If you've never bought a used car before, the process can seem a little bewildering - not to mention intimidating. But we promise: you can buy a used car yourself, even if you’re a total car newbie. But first, let's talk money. Let's... Read More
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Archived: Advice to new grads

So you've graduated. Congratulations! It's been a long four or five or maybe, like, seven (no judgement here) years. Good news: no more group work assignments, ever. Bad news: now there's nothing between you and the frighteningly real... Read More
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Archived: How to ace a job interview

You're almost done this school year, hooray! Now comes the hard part: time to nail down a summer job (or, if you've just graduated, an all-the-time job, uggggghhhh). If you're already gainfully employed, congrats! But if you're still... Read More
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Archived: How to appeal a final grade

The end of exam season is in sight, and soon you'll be anxiously waiting by the computer for your final grades to come in. But what happens if one of your grades seems off the mark? Luckily, Imogene Roulson and the rest of the smart... Read More
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