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Our goal is simple. It’s right there in our mission statement: we represent and serve students to help them succeed. If you’re a Mount Royal University student, that means you’re already taking that first step toward realizing your dreams.

As your Students’ Association, we know that learning goes beyond the classroom; we know that there’s so much more to university than just grades. There’s the relationships you build, the experiences you have, the differences you explore, and the challenges you face.

And that’s where the Pinnacle Leadership Challenge comes in.

Through all our work with students, we’ve learned that everyone has the capacity to be a leader. Whether it’s as small as lending a hand with a peer’s project or sharing something you learned in class with your family, or as big as starting your own business or getting a promotion at work, leadership has a funny way of proving itself in a thousand different ways. The Pinnacle Leadership Challenge is here to push you to reach your full potential, and to help you recognize and develop your own capability for leadership.


Keynote Speaker 2016-17

This was our inaugural year for the Pinnacle Leadership Challenge, and our student participants have been working hard since October. Over twenty students will complete the program and receive their participation certificates later in March. To celebrate this achievement, we’re wrapping up a great year with showcase keynote speaker Taylor Conroy, founder of social enterprise Change Heroes and co-founder of impact travel company Journey333.

We hope you’ll join us at this wrap-up keynote speech celebrating our Pinnacle Leadership Challenge graduates! This free event is open to all Mount Royal students. If you want to attend this talk, make sure to join the Facebook event so you don’t miss any updates!


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