Community Garden

What is the SAMRU community garden?

The SAMRU community garden, located on campus in Student Residence East Court, is a unique space. Unlike most community gardens, which require a buy-in for a season and limit members to a single plot, the SAMRU garden is a communal endeavour; members are encouraged to treat it like their own garden. Drop in and volunteer any time you’re on campus, and in return you’ll get to take home garden-fresh produce. You’ll also have the chance to participate in collaborative projects like the ongoing horticultural therapy project. You might even have your own idea for a new initiative, and the community garden can help you make it happen. There’s no cost to getting involved, and there’s no limit to what you can do!

Working in the community garden is a great way to build your gardening skills, get to know great people, share tools and tips with experienced gardeners, and enjoy some fresh air.

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The community garden is open through the summer and runs until October.

Here’s what’s coming up:


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