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Clubs are a great way to meet new people and pursue your passions! Clubs can be academic, social, representational or cultural. SAMRU’s clubs meet throughout the year to plan social events, fundraisers, graduation celebrations and more. By starting or joining a club, you can explore your interests while developing valuable friendships and leadership skills.

CLUB RATIFICATION will be done throughout the year. Pick up a ratification or re-ratification package at Reception (Room Z222) or from the Clubs Coordinator in Room Z304.

The purpose of clubs is to offer students the opportunity to engage in co-curricular activities which facilitate the development of essential life skills such as interpersonal communication, conflict resolution and time management. Clubs provide a vital medium for students to network with other students, faculty, businesses and the community. Students may choose to simply participate within a club by supporting and promoting events, or to tackle a more challenging leadership role by becoming an executive member. Regardless of your level of involvement, clubs help you to feel more connected to the campus community.


How do I join a club?

Check out the Clubs Directory, and see if any of the current clubs interest you. Most clubs will be available on Main Street for Clubs Days, or you can talk to the Clubs Coordinator who can help connect you to the clubs.


How do I start a club?

The process for establishing a new SAMRU Club on campus is smoothly structured to allow students the most effective and efficient means to register their club. Ratification involves two steps handing in your ratification package and sending at least one club executive to clubs training.

Step 1: Conceive and visualize a concept for a new SAMRU club.

Step 2: Pick up the “Club Ratification Package” and “Clubs Manual” from Reception, the Clubs Coordinator or online at Clubs Links and Forms.

Step 3: Recruit at least ten (10) student members.

Step 4: Recruit or hold an election to elect your club executives. Each club must have a minimum of three executives, but four is recommended.

Step 5: Fully complete the “Club Ratification Package” and submit it to the Clubs Coordinator. Have at least one club executive RSVP and attend a mandatory clubs training session (attendance is required at only ONE of the listed sessions).  Even though it is mandatory that only one club executive attend training, it’s highly encouraged that other executives attend as well.

Please visit the Clubs Training Page to RSVP to attend a session. Your club can attend training before or after your Ratification Package is submitted.

Step 6: The Club’s Ratification Package is reviewed and the club is ratified by the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University.


Are you interested in starting or joining a competitive sports club on campus?

Competitive sports clubs are managed by MRU Recreation. For more information on those types of clubs, visit the MRU Recreation Clubs website here.


Club Collaboration Fund

Returning for the 2014-15 academic year, ratified clubs can apply for the Club Collaboration Fund. The Fund is designated for entertainment for collaborative club events, and includes the assistance of SAMRU programming staff in booking entertainment to create more successful events.

The Club Collaboration Fund is available to event collaborations in The Hub where there are at least three (3) clubs involved. All bookings in The Hub using the Fund must be booked through the Clubs Coordinator, as per regular booking processes for The Hub. The total amount granted for entertainment will not exceed more than $250.00 per collaboration event. Eligible entertainment includes; bands, DJs, karaoke machines, etc. Additional entertainment costs incurred over the approved amount will be at the expense of the clubs. The collaborating clubs are also responsible to cover all other expenses related to the event, such as, band riders, décor, advertising, etc.

You can apply for the Club Collaboration Fund by submitting an application form with the Activity Application & Agreement Form. Each individual club can receive Club Collaboration funding for one collaboration per semester. There is a set amount available in this fund each academic year.
Clubs Annual Report

The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University requires that all ratified clubs complete an Annual Report each April. Annual Reports are to be handed in to the Clubs Coordinator in Room Z304, 3rd Floor Wyckham House.

If this Annual Report is not returned by the deadline, the club will not be eligible for re-ratification in the fall. See the Annual Report 2014-2015 PDF.



Jon Piderman
Clubs Coordinator
Office: Wyckham House, Z306
Phone: 403.440.5186
Email: clubs
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