Clubhouse News

1) Most forms can now be completed digitally! Please view the Clubs Links and Forms page for more information.

2) Don’t forget to submit your club constitution as soon as possible! Feel free to drop it off in the Clubhouse (Z306), to the Clubs Coordinator in room Z306, or email it to us.

3) There is a lot of funding available to SAMRU clubs:

  • Club Collaboration Fund – Work with two (2) other clubs and SAMRU will award you up to $300 to cover any expenses.
  • Club Development Fund – Doubled in size for next year. Any events you want to host that will develop your members OR club could be eligible for up to $500.
  • Start-up Fund – New clubs can apply for $200 to help subsidize start-up costs. Existing clubs can apply for up to $150 for operational costs.
  • Club Food and Beverage Fund – Up to $75 a year in food/beverages for your events! (Liquor excluded)
  • Club Marketing Fund – Up to $50 a year for any of your marketing needs (website, promoting posts, fliers, etc).

4) Office Space – Several of you have asked for dedicated office space – one of the rooms in the basement will be re-purposed to provide you exactly that! The space will be shared (as we’re super limited with what is available), so a maximum of five clubs will be able to use the space on a rotating schedule.

5) Thursdays are student nights at the Hub. Contact the Clubs Coordinator about hosting a student night and the fundraising opportunities that this can provide for your club!

6) Clubhouse Snack & Chat – Starting December 6, 2017, your Clubs Coordinator and admins will be hosting a monthly Snack & Chat. Get to know staff, club execs, and members! Thinking of joining a club? This is a great time to get some more info. Come on by the Clubhouse (Z306) on the first Wednesday of every month from 1 to 2 pm. Snack, chat, and connect!

7) Winter Clubs & Campus Expo – What clubs are on campus you ask? See for yourself at the Clubs & Campus Expo next week (January 9-10) on Main Street from 10:30 am to 2 pm. Get to know your campus clubs and the services available on campus. RSVP here.