Student Service Centres

Student Centres

Four Student Services centres remain as dedicated, thematic spaces:

Hosting regular, scheduled programming around their centre-specific themes, these are spaces intended to foster thoughtful conversation, encourage connection through shared experience, and help strengthen students’ sense of self.

These centres will be supervised by part-time paid students who have been trained to ensure that these rooms remain safer spaces for everyone. In-centre programming and daily service administration will be provided by trained SAMRU volunteers and supervised by full-time, staff programmers.

Student Services

Our services remain more or less unchanged; what has changed is that we have streamlined and repackaged our services, and now offer support for students based around four themes:

Food, Finance, and Life Hacks: includes Free Breakfast, food bank hampers, Good Food Boxes, Emergency Student Loans, Financial Literacy workshops, and Life Hacks workshops.

Personal and Social Wellness: includes Student Advocacy Coordinator, Stress-Less Week and Exam Relief, concerts and Clubs programming.

Identity and Inclusive Communities: Global tea party, drum circle, aboriginal ancestry, gender and sexual diversity programming, Pride Week and more.

Citizenship and Leadership: includes all REC work, Students’ Council and governors, ASEC, CAUS, all lobbying, and volunteer training, as well as the C&L learning series across the competencies of Diversity, Workplace Skills, Communications, Organizational Skills, and Wellness Management.

Programmer’s roles

All of our existing, ongoing programs fit under these themes, and are supported by four full-time staff members dedicated to generating robust and collaborative programming in their area of expertise.

Staff roles:
•    Peer Support Programmer: Lok To
•    Cultural and Indigenous Inclusion Programmer: Cory Cardinal
•    Relationships, Identity and Sex Programmer: Tanya Ross
•    Student Initiatives Programmer: Imogene Roulson

Development Opportunities for Students – The Learning Series

In addition to administering regular activities and special events for students, these programmers are also dedicated to providing skill-building workshops through several new learning series:

  • Citizenship and Leadership
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Life Hacks and Financial Literacy
  • Gender and Sexual Diversity

These series are based in part on our SAMRU volunteer training, and are designed to develop competencies in Diversity, Workplace Skills, Communication, Organization, and Wellness Management. These workshops are open to all MRU students and some are mandatory training for SAMRU volunteers.

Academic Support for Students

Student Initiatives Programmer

If you have ideas for how SAMRU might be able to partner with you to enrich students’ academic experience, please contact Alana-Dawn Eirikson. The Student Initiatives Programmer is faculty’s first contact for any exciting opportunities for students, or any academic enrichment partnerships faculty might be interested in developing. Examples of this are the Community Garden academic partnership with the Nursing faculty, and the Social Innovation Challenge partnership with the Bissett School of Business.

Student Advocacy Coordinator

In addition to providing extensive self-advocacy and appeals support to students experiencing academic and non-academic concerns, the Student Advocacy Coordinator also provides a variety of support to students, including self-advocacy coaching, meeting attendant, meeting preparation and note-taking, institutional policy information, resource referral and skill development in conflict resolution and active listening. The Student Advocacy Office has moved and is now located in room Z303.