Student Advocacy Office

“Know your rights, find your voice”

The Student Advocacy Coordinator provides confidential support and options for individual students dealing with both academic and non-academic advocacy concerns and questions. If you’re experiencing a situation which is affecting your success at Mount Royal University, the Student Advocacy Office may be able to help. Check out both our service mandate and our detailed services list, to understand more about how the program operates and what we can do for you as a credit student. Here are some situations where you might need information or support:

  • Questions about MRU institutional policies & procedures
  • Meetings with an Instructor & Department Chair or others at MRU
  • Final Grade appeals in a course
  • Class Withdrawal decisions from a class (‘W’ grade; withdrawal or ‘WC’ grade; withdrawal with cause)
  • Concerns about course outlines, course policies & instructors
  • Deferring a final exam; requirements, conditions, & timelines
  • Academic & Non-Academic Misconduct allegations; hearing preparation & support
  • ‘I’ grade (incomplete) and ‘I’ contracts and when to ask for one
  • Requirement to withdraw from MRU & appeal preparation (RTW)
  • Academic accommodation questions, policy, & process support
  • Residence misconduct allegations & process questions
  • Human rights process support & accommodation requests
  • Meeting tips, communication, active-listening, and conflict resolution skills development
  • Self-advocacy coaching; how to become your best advocate
  • Resource information; we connect students to places (both on and off campus) for help with a variety of needs like: food, transportation, clothing, emergency student loans, on-campus academic or non-academic referrals, or counselling referrals

The Student Advocacy Coordinator assists students by assessing their unique situation, helping students review written submissions related to MRU processes, supporting you through a formal MRU appeal process, and attending student hearing(s) as your attendant, if requested. The Student Advocacy Coordinator may also refer you to or work in conjunction with the Advocacy Support team during busy periods or to the Vice-President Academic as required for additional advocacy and support.

Want to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a student at MRU? Check out our overview.

For detailed information on grade appeals, academic standing and more, check out the Student Advocacy Resource Library.

Hours of Operation

General Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

NOTE: Appointments can be booked outside of these hours with a minimum 24 hours’ notice. Students with time-sensitive/crisis situations can be seen on the same day (Subject to existing scheduled appointments).

Weekday Drop-in Hours:

September 1 to April 30: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

May 1 to August 31: By appointment, based on availability

**Drop-in times/office hours are subject to change periodically. Call ahead to ensure availability.

If you have an upcoming hearing and need to request a SAMRU attendant, all Office of Student Conduct Hearings are accommodated for and booked into the Student Advocacy Coordinator’s calendar. A meeting attendant is available for hearings if you request one either in advance or on the same day of your misconduct hearing by contacting the Student Advocacy Coordinator directly.


Andrea Davis
Student Advocacy Coordinator
Office: Wyckham House, Z303
Phone: (403) 440-7792 (Monday to Friday)
Email: advocacy