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Stressed about exams? We got you.

Hey, be honest: are you okay? You look tired. You've got circles under your eyes and there are like 13 paper clips in your hair. We don't mean to pry, but it's exam season and we're worried you're... Read More
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Happy last week of class!

You made it through another year! You're all heroes and we're so proud of you. We know you have exams to think about...but can we ask a favour? Put that aside for just a little while. The worst is... Read More
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Stress Less Week

Are you feeling some end-of-semester stress? It's no surprise: you're working hard on all your term papers, projects, last-minute assignments--and prepping for finals in between. But if you need... Read More
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Stress Less this semester!

Making sure you’re well-nourished means you can focus on studying and preparing for exams, and your students’ association’s SOS team are bringing back the beloved food cart for Exam Relief as a... Read More
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Free hug in a mug February 10th

When the halls of MRU start filling up with pajama pants and thermoses filled with coffee and soup, we know that exams and projects are taking their toll on MRU students! Your SAMRU Students’... Read More
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