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Yes: being a student Governor is obviously great. But if you don’t know why it’s so awesome, we got you! Here’s our top 5 reasons why you (or someone you know) should run for a seat on the Student Governing Board.


Try new things, meet new people

Have you ever helped oversee the work of a multi-million dollar organization before? Sat on a committee to  develop important policies that set the direction for an organization? Or maybe worked with a group of dedicated students to help improve the lives of their peers? No? Well here’s your chance! Being a Governor with the Students’ Association is about working with a team of brilliant and passionate people who all bring their best to the table.


Broaden your horizons

Sure, being a Governor means you get to learn about cooperation, conflict resolution, communication, and creating cohesive work groups. But it’s not just about meetings. You’ll learn a lot and grow as a person! In no time at all, you will understand and build confidence in yourself and others, set an example, represent others, take ownership, communicate effectively, persuade others, counsel, evaluate, and develop active listening skills — all while helping direct the Students’ Association pursuit of its mission and vision and bettering the lives of your peers.


Build your resume

Yep – remember when we mentioned the “oversee a multi-million dollar organization” thing? The experience you’ll gain from being a Governor will give you an edge in your field—whatever it may be—and help you sharpen skills that will set you on a course for success. Persuasive and effective communication? You bet! Meeting management? Obviously! Financial stewardship of a non-profit? … Weirdly enough, yes! And if you’re worried that you don’t have the experience to apply, don’t: we provide all the training you need.


Get involved in your community

Sitting on the Student Governing Board will give you an intimate understanding of all the ins and outs of government and politics on (and off!) campus. But the Student Governing Board profile isn’t just limited to Mount Royal University: connecting to the Calgary community is important too, so you’ll find being a Governor also means participating in community outreach at events such as Crowchild Classic and SAMRU’s charitable casino.


Leave a legacy

The Student Governing Board is the highest form of government within the Student’s Association, and members of the board are tasked with looking at the Big Picture™. Your participation will not only make SAMRU stronger and better for future students, the decisions you make as a Governor will have a lasting effect on the campus, even after you graduate.


Oh, and while you won’t get paid for board meetings, there is an honoraria for working groups. And the expected hours are about 10-15 hours per month over 12 months. No one says board governance is easy, but someone has to do it. Why not you? Or maybe you know someone who would be great at this. Nominate yourself or someone you know before Nov 20!