Volunteer & Training FAQs

Volunteer FAQ

How do I volunteer with SAMRU?

Easy! You’ll need to sign up here to get the ball rolling. We use Better Impact, a volunteer database, to make things as simple and organized as possible.

Once you’ve applied through Better Impact, you can start checking out volunteer opportunities right away. These range from casual one-time activities to regularly scheduled commitments. How much time and energy you want to commit depends entirely on you, and we have a huge number of ways you can get involved!

Because we want you to feel confident and successful as a SAMRU volunteer, some of these opportunities require training before you can sign up for them. For more information about training, please see our Volunteer Training FAQ, below.

 What kind of time commitment is expected?

This is entirely up to you! We have a lot going on at SAMRU, and that means we have a lot of different ways for volunteers to pitch in. Check out our volunteer opportunities to see what fits your schedule!

 Who will I be working with?

Volunteers will always have support from a full-time SAMRU staff member, who will be able to answer questions and offer guidance while you’re working with us. You may also be working with your fellow volunteers! And depending on what you’re doing, you may be working directly with other Mount Royal students and the university community as well.

Volunteer Training FAQ

When is training this year?

We usually schedule training over the weekend in late September or early October, and then again in January or February. We try to offer two different weekends, so that you can make it fit with your schedule. Please remember to RSVP if you are planning on attending training.

Winter 2018 Info Session:

Come and find out what it means to be a SAMRU volunteer! Learn what different roles and opportunities there are and ask questions to the people running the programs! No commitment required.

The info session will take place January 17, 2018, from 4-5 pm in Council Chambers (2nd floor Wyckham). All are welcome to attend!

Winter 2018 Training Dates:

All training will be held in the Yellow Room (Z203) on the second floor of Wyckham House unless otherwise stated.

Basic Training
January 27, 2018 – 9 am – 4 pm

Peer Support Only – ABCs of Helping
January 29, 2018 & January 31, 2018 – 4 – 7:30 pm

Event & Outreach Only


Do I have to attend training?

That depends! For some roles, attending a full training session is mandatory, so in that case, yes. But we also have casual positions that offer on-the-job training. Whether or not you need to attend training depends on your volunteer role (see below).

Which training sessions do I need to attend to volunteer as a __________?

Each role has different requirements, and we want to set you up for success, which is why you’ll have to attend training for some of these tasks. We’ve laid out the mandatory training sessions for each volunteer role below, or you can see the details of each role here.

Casual: No training required

Event and Outreach: SAMRU Orientation and Better Impact training, Events 101, Outreach 101, Wyckham House Tour training

Program: No training required

Peer Support: Anti-Oppression training, SAMRU Orientation and Better Impact training, Working with Students with Disabilities, Supporting Victims of Violence, Peer Support Centre Programs & Services, ABCs of Helping

Program Implementation Committee (PIC): Anti-Oppression training, SAMRU Orientation and Better Impact training, Working with Students with Disabilities, Supporting Victims of Violence, Peer Support Centre Programs & Services



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