2016 SAMRU Election Candidates


Bolu Opeodu

Running for President

SloganNew leader. New vision. New direction.

ProgramCriminal Justice

SAMRU Affiliations

Greek Life Club member

University Affiliations

Cougars Fan, Student Programming Coordinator @ MRU Recreation, Former Residence Services Advisor


I am proud to be a Mount Royal student, and I want to help build the pride of our campus community. I have been an engaged member of Mount Royal since I started here. I have been a Residence Advisor and worked for Recreation, which has given me experience and various perspectives to understand this campus and the student body. I have overcome many struggles in my journey as a student and I want to help support other students to get the resources they need.

As your SAMRU President I plan to focus my efforts primarily on four main issues:

  • Lobbying to keep tuition low as the provincial government will be reviewing the tuition freeze.
  • Advocating and promoting student well being through mental health initiatives, as well as physical and emotional health initiatives.
  • Building a greater sense of community on campus by using student feedback to run events that students actually want/need.
  • Creating more awareness of university programs and supports to help students succeed.

I want to bring fresh ideas and energy to the role of President. Please link my Facebook page Bolu for President for more information and updates!

Randie Parliament

Running for President

SloganParliament for President


University Affiliations

MRU Historical Society

Community Affiliations

Laughing Monkey Productions, Calgary-ACTS


Thank you for considering my candidacy for SAMRU President for the upcoming 2017/18 school year. If elected, my goal for the next year will be to build on the camaraderie and positive dynamic of Mount Royal student culture. In addition, I will endeavour to increase the national exposure/awareness of our university.

My name is Randie Parliament and I am a History major/Business minor here at Mount Royal. I have extensive experience in both the non-profit and arts communities. I will use the skills I have learned over the years in directing and producing theatre, and will bring a creative approach to the position.

I have a ton of ideas that I would love to present to the Executive team, Governors, and fellow students if I am given the opportunity to be part of the Representation Executive Council.

Thank you for your time!


Roderick Addun

Running for President

SloganChange You at MRU!

ProgramPolicy Studies & Business


1. Strong Student Government and Transparency.

  • Full constitutional overhaul of SAMRU for equal representation and opening opportunities for students to get involved in SAMRU. Furthermore, to make all executive council meetings open to the public; and the establishment of a student legislative committee which will be comprised of elected student representatives per faculty, and have an effective veto on SAMRU executive decisions. Also, all minutes of the meeting will be published frequently on the SAMRU website.

2. Strong Student Advocacy.

  • In tandem with the proposed student legislative committee, the committee will gather each issue surrounding their respective faculty in which their findings will be submitted to the SAMRU executive as a framework for student advocacy initiatives.

3. Improved Buy-Back Program.

  • The negotiation for better rates with the bookstore, which will be 50-70%, on used textbooks if students are willing to sell them.

4. Re-opening of Copy-Write.

After the service’s closure, printing and used books have been delegated to the library and bookstore respectively. Through re-establishment, CopyWrite will sell used textbooks from the buy back programs to reduce the lineup of student purchasing books in the bookstore; and reduced the cost of printing from 15 to 10 cents at minimum or from 15 to 5 cents at maximum.

5. Establishment of an Emergency Mental Health Service.

  • The service will comprise of students in cooperation with both security services and wellness services. This services will initially be a hotline for students to contact in case of metal health emergencies, which will be operated by students. Also, if a student with mental health problems is considered as “high-risk,” security personnel will be immediately dispatched and check up on the student and if deemed necessary, a psychiatry professional will be on standby to help high-risk students.

6. More Internship Opportunities.

  • If elected to the position, the SAMRU executive council will negotiate a service contract with the municipal, provincial, and the federal government to ensure that students are guaranteed a work experience placement. Also, SAMRU will join international organizations, such as the U.N., Canada-Japan Coop-program, and etc., to ensure that students who wish to have an international internship have a guaranteed opportunity.

7. Equal Funding for Clubs.

  • SAMRU will conduct a clubs meeting in which all clubs will have a chance to present their ideas to hold events, and have the necessary budget allocation to conduct their respective events.

8. Student Opt-Out Program for U-passes.

  • SAMRU will ensure that the cost of transit passes will be optional for students.

Shif Gadamsetti

Running for President

SloganGet Shif Done!

ProgramBachelor of Arts, Sociology

SAMRU Affiliations

President of SAMRU (2016-2017), Student Governing Board - SAMRU, Vice-President Academic Advisory Committee (VPAAC), Council of Alberta University Students, Canadian Alliance of Students’ Associations

University Affiliations

Budget Advisory Committee, Meaningful Inclusion and Diversity Steering Committee, MRU Board of Governors, Sexual Assault Policy Consultation Committee, Tuition and Fees Consultation Committee


I’m Shifrah Gadamsetti. Mount Royal University has been my home for a while now. With your vote and continuing on as your President, I promise to bring you an empowered, engaged and better represented student experience. 

I want to you to be the center of everything we do. Together, we’re Gettin’ Shif Done!

  • Continue to work with senior administration to support learning by improving our WIFI with better feedback and more accountability for dollars spent
  • Continue to encourage professors to utilize FREE resources in classrooms
  • Preventing fee and tuition increases, including any increases to Student Service Fees, International student tuition, and other fees.
  • Lobbying Government for FAIR Student Funding, so you can access the resources you need without taking on debt, including stable and predictable tuition as an outcome of the current review.
  • Working with faculty and administration to create more scholarships and case competition opportunities for underserved faculties
  • Increase our capacity to Support Mental Health by making sure we have specific funding for supports and building on everything we’ve already improved upon.
  • Work for an equitable and inclusive campus that does not tolerate any type of discrimination, and work proactively to increase inclusive action through our students’ association.

I’ve had an amazing year working with all of you, and I’m asking for your support to do it all over again! We’re going to build on an amazing foundation and with your vote, we’re going to realize the true potential of our campus community! Let’s take risks, break those ceilings and GET SHIF DONE!

Valerie Caden-Baptiste

Running for President

SloganRise of the Valerie

ProgramPolicy Studies & Business

SAMRU Affiliations

Students’ Council, SAMRU Advisory Committee, Clubs Wisdom Council Chair, Get Out the Vote Advocate, U-Fest Committee

University Affiliations

MRU Changemaker, Stepping Up Peer Facilitator, New Student Orientation Leader

Community Affiliations

Who’s Frank Anti-Bullying Initiative, #ibelieveyou campaign through the Alberta Association of Sexual Assaut Services (AASAS)


Our experiences, interactions and take-aways from Mount Royal University will be as diverse as we are. The elected student President represents all students to the community, government and university administration. It’s important to have a President that’s accessible, visible and that truly cares about the students they serve. My name is Valerie, I’m currently your Vice-President Student Life and I am asking for your support to be your 2017/2018 SAMRU President. In these 457 words, I will share my vision for the next academic year.

My platform focuses on leadership, accessibility, innovation, saving students money, and supporting mental wellness. There’s a crucial problem facing the leadership of the Student Association. Many students are unaware of what the executives do or who they are. If we exist to serve students and represent their interests, interaction with students is key. I plan to be accessible and visible. You will see me doing classroom presentations, engaging with students on Main Street and around campus, and maintaining a strong online presence to communicate the work and goals of the executive team. We are stronger when more student voices are heard.

The clichés about student budgets are cliché for a reason. Our students work at a significantly higher rate than the national average and throughout my term I’ve spoken with students who are deeply concerned with rising prices of just about everything superfluous to being a student. I will exercise diligence in my representation and advocacy efforts to save students money.

One way to do this is investing in open-educational resources (OERs), which are free online textbooks. I will raise awareness about existing OERs to students and faculty to encourage their use. “Binder-ready” textbooks (the loose leaf textbooks) are ineffective for many, especially since they can’t be resold at the end of the term. I plan to work with other student representatives across Alberta to campaign against this format.

Many of us have and will suffer from mental illness. It is paramount for the elected-student President to champion and support mental health initiatives. I plan on advocating for sustainable funding for mental health, especially on reducing wait-times for student counselling services.

Executive Summary:

  • Fun, visible, and accessible leadership
  • Increased communication
  • Engagement with students
  • Fiduciary responsibility
  • Promote online free textbooks
  • Advocate for smart and safe transit access
  • Innovative solutions to improve the WiFi
  • Increase the university’s awards endowment to give out more scholarships, grants and bursaries
  • Move the withdrawal date to the last day of class
  • Regular myMRU Blog posts
  • Continue to promote Clubs and Club Events
  • More microwaves
  • Hold weekly office hours for students to bring forward their concerns

For my full platform connect with me online or in-person.


VP Academic

Aaron Horne

Running for VP Academic

SloganPersonalize your MRU experience!


SAMRU Affiliations

Governor on Students’ Council, Education Undergraduate Society - President, Vice-President Academic Advisory Committee, SAMRU Board Building Work Group, SAMRU Social Planning Work Group

University Affiliations

Student Representative on General faculties Council, New Student Orientation Leader, Deputy Speaker on Faculty of Health, Community, and Education

Community Affiliations

Canadian Armed Forces, Alberta Teachers Association, Calgary Reads Tutor


“Personalize your MRU experience”

My name is Aaron Horne and I am running for Vice-President Academic. I am a second-year student in the Department of Education, and I have been overjoyed to have the opportunity to work with SAMRU in the past. Due to my background, I am very passionate about the idea of community. I believe at MRU we have an absolutely wonderful community, and I am excited to do everything in my power to help make it even better. The things that I enjoy most in life are tea and cats, of which I surround myself with as often as possible. If you ever see me around, please don’t hesitate to talk to me! This election, I promise the following:

Will commit to student contact through:

  • Regular Office Hours,
  • Regular Student Feedback and
  • Going out to talk to people around campus.

Will advocate for better academic scheduling through:

  • Offering more sections,
  • Different times for sections, and
  • Block week, more spring/summer classes, correspondence.

Will take the lead on new academic endeavors, such as:

  • Later withdrawal date, because life happens,
  • An exit survey for students who withdraw from classes, and
  • Open Educational Resources (OERS).

Cordelia Snowdon

Running for VP Academic

SloganSpeaking Up for Student Success

ProgramBachelor of Arts: Policy Studies And Social Work Diploma Graduate

SAMRU Affiliations

Governor - Student Governing Board, Assistant Vice President Academic - VPPAC, President - Students’ Distress Centre Club, Outreach Volunteer - SAMRU Outreach Program, Member - Policy Studies Students’ Society

University Affiliations

MRU Peer Mental Health Educator, Member - Academic Plan Steering Committee, Panelist - Movies for Mental Health

Community Affiliations

Relief Contact Centre Coordinator - Distress Centre


My name is Cordelia Snowdon and this is my fifth year as part of the MRU community. I have served students in a variety of roles and I know that as Vice President Academic, I can provide the representation you deserve. You deserve to have the best as a student at Mount Royal.

As Your Vice President Academic, I will:

1. Advocate for an Affordable Student Experience

You deserve more Open Educational Resources (OERs) and less Mandatory Supplementary Fees (MSFs). OERs are resources students can use such as online textbooks and open access journals. MSFs are fees that are required for in class resources, which are counted for grading, but are not included in tuition such as access codes for testing and online modules. These can create an additional cost and barrier to student success. They are not predictable and student’s may fail to budget for these over their program. I will advocate for the use of more OERs and less MSFs to save students money and make classes more affordable.

2. Support Small Classes

You deserve a Personalized Learning Environment. Students often choose MRU for the small classes and unique experience. I have seen first hand the benefits of having a close-knit community and will advocate for keeping the class sizes that facilitate individual learning. As the university’s new Academic Plan is implemented, I will strive to ensure that the virtues of small classes and individualized learning are protected as institutional priorities.

3. Promote Mental Health and Student Well-being

You deserve programs and policies which support your Mental Health. Your mental well-being is tied to your academic success, and my objective is to ensure academic measures, choices, and actions are made with the intent of increasing student wellness. As President of the Students’ Distress Centre Club, I know the value of an academic community that incorporates a philosophy of well-being into its decision making. I will ensure student interests are reflected in decisions and you have the supports you need. I will advocate for policies that promote mental health and policies that protect mental health.

A vote for Snowdon is a vote for a supportive, unique, and affordable student experience.

Snowdon for Academic: Speaking Up for Student Success

VP Student Life

Madelaine McCracken

Running for VP Student Life

SloganRelease the ‘Kraken’ for a better student life

ProgramElementary Education

SAMRU Affiliations

Past President of Education Undergraduate Society, Past Member of AgenC, Recipient of Experiential Learning Fund, SAMRU Benefits Card Holder, Co-Planned an Event for frost-week

University Affiliations

Residence Activities Programmer East Residence, Indigenous Housing Program Member, Current Residence Activities Council Coordinator

Community Affiliations

We Day Volunteer Photographer, Affiliations with Madd, Calgary We Reads Volunteer


  • Self-esteem/mental health programs and workshops.
  • Connections and collaboration amongst campus clubs.
  • Education – Students are fully aware of what is going on on their campus at all times. Done through in class representatives and PowerPoint slides profs can integrate in their classes.
  • Safety – Sexual health, theft, abuse – seminars/awareness programs.
  • Charity – Large scale event. Whatever you want to see on campus. It is ours and I am open to any ideas/collaborations.

My name is Madelaine McCracken and I want to be the new Vice-President Student Life for the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University. I believe that I would make the perfect candidate for this position because I care about everyone around me – and yes, I really do mean to sound sentimental. Since the Vice-President of Student Life’s role is centered around benefitting the school community, I believe it is important to consistently seek ways to get students involved and provide them with opportunities that meet their needs.

Another reason why I believe I would make a great candidate for this position is because I am an excellent active listener. I know this about myself because I have gained these skills through being a Resident Adviser here at MRU. This year, I am the Residence Activities Programmer in East Residence and my job involves creating large scale events and coordinating a club called, Residence Activities Council. One of the main things I have learned of what being a leader means within these roles is allowing for everyone’s voice to be heard. Therefore, I am certain, if I am to obtain the Vice-President Student Life role, I would allow for everyone’s voice to be heard.

On a personal note, if I am to be elected, one of my main goals would be to see an increase in students’ self-confidence. I feel as though this is a difficult topic to talk about and I would love to help begin that conversation within the university. My philosophy is, if you hold yourself to a high regard, the world will do so as well. Every single person at this university deserves to care about themselves as they are all amazing individuals. Studies even show that if a person has a high self-esteem, they are more likely to excel academically. The ways in which I would establish this are through fun events, workshops, and community engagement.

Ultimately, I want to continue to promote Mount Royal University as an embracive place to study with an equally amazing student life.

Shayla Breen

Running for VP Student Life

SloganCommunity, Collaboration, Compassion,

ProgramBusiness, Social Inovation

SAMRU Affiliations

Vice president, students’ distress center club.

University Affiliations

Peer-to-Peer mental health educator,, Presenter-student leadership conference

Community Affiliations

Ranch girl - Calgary Stampede rodeo, Waitress - Red lobster, Flag girl – local rodeos


Mental Health – Promoting available resources on campus to students, like the workshops at Wellness Services is very important to me. I will also promote the importance of counselling and self-care, as well as work towards decreasing the stigma associated with mental illness. I believe in the importance behind educating the student body on the different types of mental challenges and how they can support a friend experiencing a mental challenge. Through my work with Peer to Peer Mental Health Educators, I have directly heard students concerns over their lack of awareness on mental health resources on campus, like the workshops offered by Wellness Services. As Vice President Student Life, I will advocate for the student body’s wellbeing and mental health.

Clubs – I think it is important to build a stronger sense of community between club members in the Students Association of Mount Royal University. I believe it is important to continue encouraging collaboration between clubs and other reources. I’ve seen the community of care that we have been able to build within the Students’ Distress Centre club because of our collaboration with other clubs and resources. I will work to create more opportunities for club executives to network, so that stronger relationships can be formed. I believe it is important to increase club feedback channels by increasing the Wisdom Council to be bi-weekly. As Vice President Student Life, I will foster a community of engagement between all clubs.

Student Body Engagement – Increasing Student Association presence and engagement with the student body is important to me. To achieve this, I will plan more events on Main Street. In these events I will encourage student pride through giveaways and fun activities. I will be a role model for the student body, by participating in student life and encouraging others to follow my example. This will be accomplished by attending sporting events, participating in club events, and supporting my fellow executives. As your Vice President Student Life, I will work tirelessly to further build the sense of community at Mount Royal.