Statement from the Student Governing Board:

The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU) Student Governing Board is established within the Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta and within its bylaws as the body which governs the business and affairs of the Students’ Association. The board can have up to 14 governors, duly elected or appointed by and from the membership, but cannot drop below nine governors.

Due to some unanticipated resignations this past week, SAMRU’s board membership will soon fall below the minimum threshold of nine governors. When this happens, the first order of business for the board is to restore membership to at least this minimum threshold so it can continue to operate and make decisions in properly constituted board meetings.

Although there is a governor election underway which aims to replenish the board, the board has regular business it needs to conduct before this particular election period ends on November 1, 2018. As such, the board is seeking to recruit and appoint up to 3 interim student governors for a two-month term beginning on September 24th, 2018 and ending on November 26, 2018 upon the swearing-in of newly elected regular-term governors. Interim governors will also be eligible to run in the current governor election process if they so choose.

At the same time, the board is working to build future recruitment strategies that will strengthen our numbers more sustainably. We, the members of SAMRU’s governing board, assure all SAMRU members that we are upholding SAMRU’s bylaws, and will continue to do the important and necessary work we do on behalf of our members, the students of Mount Royal University.


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