Archived: What does ice cream say about your sex life?

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Are you ready to talk about yogurt, ramen, and… sex?

Your Students’ Association is delighted to bring in award-winning writer, speaker, and sex educator Jay Friedman to present his lecture performance, Sexy Feast: What Our Favorite Foods Teach Us About Sex. This free lecture is open to the entire campus community and is part of SAMRU’s celebration of Sex Week.

Sexy Feast is Friedman’s newest lecture performance, and promises to bring a playful, powerful, and provocative smorgasbord of information about pleasurable sex and healthy relationships. His frank, funny, and pull-no-punches style seeks to break taboos in talking about sex, and will also answer questions such as:

Can bagels build your sexual stamina?

Is asparagus or pineapple a better snack before sex?

What does yogurt tell us about porn?

We’re inviting you to bring your lunch and your friends (or your lovers) to the Main Stage, and come see why Friedman has earned the acclaim and adoration of audiences throughout the country and the world. Sexy Feast: What Our Favorite Foods Teach Us About Sex is a lecture performance guaranteed to inspire conversations that last long after you’ve had dessert.

For an appetizer, check out this short video:

Want to know more about Jay? Check out


Sexy feast: What our favorite foods teach us about sex

With Jay Friedman, M.Ed. and Certified Sex Educator

October 22

Main Stage, Wyckham House

12:00 noon – 1:15 p.m.