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img_1197Often when people talk about volunteering, they say things like, “give back to your community” or “build your resume” or “make a difference”. And those things all sound really great… but they don’t paint a very good picture of what it actually feels like to volunteer. And it definitely doesn’t help much when you’re already trying to juggle going class, maybe working a part-time job, and trying to find time to hang out with friends.

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So what are our volunteers saying was the best part of their experience here? They don’t say much about how good their resume looks. Instead, our volunteers talk about the friendships they make and the connections they create. They talk about putting a smile on a stranger’s face, or getting out of their comfort zones to talk to others, or finding a sense of belonging.

2014-9-24-hub-karaoke2That makes a lot of sense to us: often, it’s the people around us that truly help us connect with an experience. And here at the Students’ Association, we’re all about connection.

We’re a student-run organization, which means we want your participation in decision-making and community-building at every level. Whether you’re filling out our annual Student Satisfaction and Awareness Survey, lending a hand with free breakfast, or sitting on the Student Governing Board and overseeing the entire organization, we offer first-hand experience in citizenship. Through volunteerism, you can build the community you want to see. That’s what it really means to give back to your community: helping shape it from the ground up.

You don’t even need any particular skill set to get involved. Honestly! We will always provide you with all the training and professional development you’ll need to succeed. We have dedicated, full-time staff who are thrilled to be working with you, and a comprehensive volunteering database that makes finding opportunities and tracking your hours a breeze.

Still not convinced? What if we told you that your schoolwork can benefit from volunteering, too? The National Survey of Student Engagement has proven that students who are engaged in activities outside the classroom are consistently shown to be more successful. There’s a lot to be said for the learning and personal development that goes beyond a classroom education.

img_1297Are you already a volunteer? Friend referrals are rated by former volunteers as by far our most successful way of engaging students. If you’re already an active volunteer with us, why not pay it forward and bring a friend in?

Make volunteering on campus a part of your university experience. By getting involved, you’ll not only help others – you’ll help yourself.

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If you have questions, or aren’t sure where to get started, contact the Student Initiatives Programmer, at 403-440-7779 or volunteer@samru.ca.

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