10 tips to help you land a summer job (if you haven’t already)

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Summer vacation is in full swing! Have you gotten a summer job yet? If not, here’s some tips that might help you land that position.

1) Tap into your network

Unfortunately, qualifications and experience alone may not be enough to land a job these days. Make sure you reach out to your contacts, personal and professional, to see if they know of any job openings.

2) Go for positions that’ll help you once you graduate

It might be tempting to go for that retail job for the summer but RESIST! Try to go for a position that will give you experience in your chosen field. You may have an easier time finding a job once you graduate!

3) Clean up your social networks

Like it or not, employers nowadays always check potential candidates’ social media profiles. Depending on your personal profile security, they may be able to see photos and posts you made years ago. Best practice is to make sure to remove anything from your profile(s) that you wouldn’t want an employer to see.

4) Don’t use a blanket cover letter or resume

If you’re using a generic cover letter for every job you apply for, you’re doing yourself a major disservice! Your cover letter is your only opportunity to stand out from the stack! Much like your resume, your cover letter should reflect specific competencies and keywords set out in the job ad.
*Tip: The first thing many human resource managers do is eliminate applicants who don’t mention any keywords from the job ad– so make sure you do!

5) Address your application to the right person

It’s a small thing, but it means a great deal! Call or reach out to the company you’re applying to in order to find out who your prospective boss will be. At the very least, make sure to address your application to the employee doing the hiring. It will also help you avoid that awkward moment of addressing someone as Mr. instead of Ms…
*Tip: Another thing human resource managers do right off the bat is eliminate candidates who address their applications to “whom it may concern”.

6) Keep your LinkedIn up to date

It’s your online resume and another chance for you to sell yourself to your prospective employer! You also have the ability to post samples of your work (hello free portfolio!) so the employer can see your hard work for themselves!

7) Do your research

Nothing’s worse than going to an interview and being asked “what do you know about our company” and not. knowing. anything. Make sure you don’t find yourself in this situation and find out everything you can about the organization ahead of time!

8) Prepare questions for the interviewer

You’re potentially starting a new job– you should have questions! While questions about salary and benefits are good questions to ask, it’s better to ask about the position, the company culture, and aspects of the job you’re excited about. It doesn’t hurt to get personal either and ask your interviewer what their favourite part of the job/company is!

9) Dress the part

You’ve landed an interview. Now’s the time to WOW them in person! The interview is your first impression– make it count! Professional/business, attire is a must!

10) Send thank you notes

Whether you get the job or not, your interviewer put time and effort into reading your application and getting to know you through your interview. Even if you don’t get the job, leaving the interviewer with a positive note may help them remember you for future positions!