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Each week The Hub hosts Thursday Student Night, as a direct request last year from students who wanted a great dance night right here on campus. In the past few weeks, a few of these Thursday nights have turned into theme nights including the February 28th Pattern Party with a special guest DJ.

March 14th will continue this trend, with a theme suggested by student employees of The Hub. “A lot of students and employees have suggested themes for Thursday nights at The Hub” commented Production Coordinator Rena Kozak. “It’s really exciting to be able to run with this one; it’s going to be a great party!”

The March 14th themed Thursday Student Night is Thrift Shop Thursday, and guests are encouraged to dress up in their finest thrift shop finds; dig out those polyester flood pants or that rainbow-printed T-shirt, or head to a local charity shop with your eyes open for neon-yellow hot pants or a fuzzy kitty sweater perhaps.

“A lot of the staff at The Hub are already planning what to wear” added Kozak, who will not yet reveal her thrifty choices of attire for the night. For those who want to immortalize their penny-pinching fashion choices, SAMRU will have a photographer on site to take photos.

Returning to the turntables will be Discotecha DJ KloudNine, who will be spinning music to keep guests dancing well into the wee hours.

If you have a great idea for an upcoming Thursday Student Night theme, start a thread on the Thursday Student Night Facebook page. “The production team and Hub employees are always looking for good ideas – and the some of the best ideas to get MRU students excited are coming from their fellow MRU students” said Kozak.

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– By Dawn Linnemoller