Archived: Canadian Identity and Aboriginal Experience

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What does it mean to be Canadian? On March 21st, SAMRU will host an open discussion in honour of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Come join the conversation about race, identity and Aboriginal experience in Canada!

Hosted by SAMRU’s Cultural Mosaic Centre, Native Student Centre, the 7th Generation Indigenous Students’ Alliance club, and MRU’s Diversity and Human Rights Services, the discussion will focus on the Aboriginal experience of being Canadian. “We’d like students to share their own understandings of Canadian identity and learn about other students’ experiences,” says CMC Coordinator Nick Beck. “We’re hoping to build a sense of community by creating a space where everyone can share their input.”

Participants will have a chance to learn more about Aboriginal rights issues while discussing the current state of racial discrimination in Canada. The discussion will look at the meaning of being Canadian, and the work left to be done in our multicultural nation.

“Everyone is welcome to attend and share their experiences relating to Canadian identity,” says Nick. “This is a great opportunity to share your voice and hear the voices of others.”

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 By Nicole Boyce