Our Mission, Beliefs, Values and Vision

Mission Statement:

We represent and serve students to help them succeed.

SAMRU’s Values & Beliefs:

We believe…

  • Learning goes beyond the classroom, contributing to the realization of aspirations.
  • Community is built on individual relationships and shared resources.
  • Our autonomy makes it possible to respond to the needs of our members.
  • Our integrity requires accountability, openness, responsible stewardship, and ethical governance.
  • Diversity makes our community stronger and more vibrant.
  • Fun is essential to creativity, engagement, and social development.

SAMRU’s Essentials:


The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University has the legal authority and responsibility to act as the incorporated, representative body for all SAMRU members. We demonstrate credibility by striving for transparent and accountable governance, consistent and effective management, principled representation, social and environmental responsibility, and successful operations. We maintain our integrity and reputation by holding ourselves to high standards.


The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University perseveres through challenges and adapts to change. Our solid foundation is based on dedicated and passionate staff and volunteers, reciprocal loyalty between SAMRU and our workers, the possession and control of our own building, excellent financial health, commitment to organizational learning, and a progressive policy framework. Always striving to be better, we stand the test of time.


The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University plays an important role in providing a full university student experience because we adapt to the evolving needs of a constantly changing membership. We seek feedback, study best practices, adopt improvements and evaluate our progress in order to deliver valuable service. We are an essential part of student life.


The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University can only be fully understood by recognizing its context: shaped by legislation, bound to Mount Royal University, linked with various external organizations and situated in a larger community. We strive to balance these healthy connections with members’ need for a strong and autonomous organization. Our actions can impact others in this system, and thus require a thoughtful and politically astute approach. We thrive as an integral part of a complex system.

SAMRU’s Vision Statement:

Where every student can discover themselves, build meaningful relationships and make a difference in the world.

SAMRU’s Strategic Priorities:

Constructive Relationships

Awareness, understanding, and cooperation form the strong foundation of the network of personal and professional connections that span our organization, our membership and the campus community.

  • Building strong and meaningful relationships is a primary strategy for effectively increasing awareness and understanding of our organization. Productive relationships help us to increase role and boundary clarity within the organization, within the campus community and to the outside world.
  • We explore common purpose between SAMRU and the campus community and identify beneficial goals and opportunities for cooperation to increase our influence and enhance the quality, efficiency and value of our work.
  • Through every interaction, we endeavour to build credibility and demonstrate the value of SAMRU’s members, the worth of our organization, and the benefit we bring to the community.

Vibrant Student Centre

Our physical space is a source of organizational strength and resilience that allows us to enrich students’ lives and the campus community.

  • The Wyckham House student centre is an asset of SAMRU because of the contributions of all past and present members. With the guidance of the membership, the student centre evolves and adapts to meet students’ changing needs.
  • Wyckham House enables the emergence of a vibrant community. We are the stewards of the student centre, cultivating an environment in which students can discover their personal passions and interests, connect socially with their peers and others, develop themselves as individuals and leaders, and find ways to make a difference within the campus and surrounding community.

Wyckham House serves SAMRU members and the community. Through dedicated student services, we provide opportunities for support, empowerment, enrichment, fun and self-actualization. Through enterprising business services, we provide value to SAMRU members and the community by giving them access to products and services they desire, combining quality and customer service at a fair price.


We listen to, learn from, and communicate with students and stakeholders to best represent members’ needs, invite their inclusion, use resources effectively and demonstrate transparency.

  • Student representation is an essential service, ensuring that students’ needs and interests are communicated to external stakeholders effectively. This requires awareness of the members’ varied opinions, needs and values. We endeavour to represent a balanced common purpose from many voices, while still valuing the lone voice in the crowd.
  • Every interaction with SAMRU members is an opportunity for inclusion. We maintain a vibrant, reciprocal environment by creating opportunities for involvement in the organization, providing meaningful services, and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the members. We recognize that not all students will wish to fully engage with SAMRU, but we challenge ourselves to give each one that opportunity.
  • Being responsive means listening more effectively in both structured and unstructured ways, assessing what we hear, and using professional expertise and good judgement to underpin our decisions. We must consistently monitor and evaluate our work in order to make conscientious decisions based on meaningful and reliable information. We strive to articulate these decisions and the reasons behind them so that the process has greater transparency and accountability.
  • Our resourcefulness requires us to manage our assets carefully, prioritizing that which is requested of us, and choosing where to devote our resources. We use focus and creativity to deliver high quality services that respond to student needs.


Students’ Association of Mount Royal University
Room Z222, Wyckham House Student Centre
4825 Mount Royal Gate S.W.
Calgary, AB   T3E 6K6

Phone: (403) 440-6077
Fax: (403) 440-8909
Email: reception