Archived: Affordable on-campus eating

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Now that you’ve paid tuition, bought your books, and have picked up your U-Pass, you might be looking for a few ways to save a few bucks, and many students end up skipping the nutrition when money gets tight.


We have a few ways to help you spread your cash a bit further this semester. Keep reading to learn how!


Brown-bagging it

While it lacks the glamour of buying your meal every day, bringing your own lunch (breakfast, dinner…) can help save a lot of money over buying your meal. There are several microwaves in Wyckham House on the first and second floors along with sinks where you can top up your soup or wash your reusable mug out. You can also participate in the Reusable Dish Program>> and not have to worry about bringing dishes or cutlery.


Good Food Box

While you’re at the grocery store and just can’t choose between fresh produce and another box of mac’n’cheese, consider signing up for the Good Food Box. It’s a program where you can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables for a very low cost. Read more in What’s Happening >>



Grocery shuttle bus

If you live in residence you can even save some cash on getting to and from the grocery store by taking advantage of our grocery shuttle bus. The money you save on taxi fare can upgrade you from day-olds to fresh! Read more >>


Free Breakfast

SAMRU’s Free Breakfast program is a great alternative to starting off the day hungry. The program operates Monday-Friday when classes are in session during the fall and winter semesters >> You might even save enough with our Free Breakfast program to treat yourself to a few more lunches in the SAMRU food court or in The Hub.


-by Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator, SAMRU