Archived: All about committee work – and why it’s less commitment than you think!

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If you follow our blog or any of our social media, there’s a good chance you’ve seen us encouraging you to “get involved.” Sometimes we’re promoting volunteer opportunities or asking you to nominate someone for our student Representation Executive Council – and while we’d love it if everyone did, we know that not everyone has that kind of time or energy.

If you fall in the “I wanna do something but not those things” camp, we’d like to suggest joining a committee. Sitting on a committee gives you say in how things are run, but doesn’t require you to make any frighteningly high-level decisions (that honour is reserved for the Student Governing Board). You’ll get to spend time around folks who are equally excited and invested in making things work. Committee work gives you a chance to talk out options and come to a consensus – and then you’ll get to see your ideas come to life.

Yeah, yeah, we know: to a lot of folks, the idea of sitting on a committee is about as appealing as joining a Watch Paint Dry Club. But there’s also some tangible, real-world benefits to sitting on a committee. The resume boost is undeniable, especially considering that volunteer experience and extracurricular activities rate high on the list of things that potential employers look at on a graduate’s resume. Some committees also offer a small honorarium for your time, which means your work will earn you a bit of money. You’ll also get to develop those nebulous but so-important soft skills – like communication and working with others – which are the kind of people skills that will come in handy once you’ve moved into a full-time job.

Oh, and did we mention the low time commitment? Committee work (despite basically having commitment right there in the name, yuck) is surprisingly less of a time suck than you’d think. Our committees usually only meet once or twice a month, and only a couple of hours of your time is needed. So you get all the perks of making a difference with none of the downsides of missing out on homework or study time!

So what committee work is available with SAMRU? We’re glad you asked! You can…


Join a *PIC

We have five Planning and Implementation Committees (PICs) that span a ton of activities and programs. Each PIC has a specific focus: the Event Planning and Implementation Committee (EPIC) works the behind-the-scenes magic on events and activities. The Outreach Planning and Implementation Committee (OPIC) is for folks who like to be everyone’s go-to person for the current goings-on and want to have a say in outreach activities.

We’ve also got some themed PICs that are loosely affiliated with our dedicated spaces on campus. So if you’re a diehard Gender Bender and Sex Toy Bingo attendee, join the Relationships, Identity and Sex Planning and Implementation Committee (RISPIC). If Drum Circle and Tea and Bannock is more your style, consider teaming up with the Global and Indigenous Cultures Planning and Implementation Committee (GICPIC). And if you’re eco-minded and want to see innovation come to campus, the Student Innovation Planning and Implementation Committee (SIPIC) is right for you.

Get to work on a PIC by contacting the appropriate staff member listed here.


Sit on a VP’s Committee

Our four full-time elected students on the Representation Executive Council do loads of great work both on and off campus. But they don’t do it alone: a lot of their work is guided by the insight and input provided by representation volunteers who sit on representation committees. We currently have two representation groups, each headed up by a Vice-President Executive.

If you’d like a closer look at the day-to-day operations at SAMRU, you’ll get some good insight from a VP committee. Depending which committee you work with, you’ll get to work on things like the “Get out the Vote” campaign, or perhaps providing advice and representation on academic committees, or helping the VP Student Life spread the word about awesome student events (that you get to go to for free!).

The Vice-President Academic Advisory Committee (VPAAC) discusses issues like scheduling, academic policies, course offerings, new programs and more. Members of VPAAC also sit as student representatives on a number of MRU councils and committees, making sure that the student voice is effectively represented, and getting a first-hand look at how decisions are made within the university. Find out more about the VPAAC by getting in touch with your Vice-President Academic at

Vice-President Student Life Committee (VPSLC) promotes various SAMRU events and programs and will help the VP Student Life increase student understanding about what SAMRU is and how the organization benefits students at Mount Royal. Learn more about sitting on the VPSLC by contacting your Vice-President Student Life at


Help select this year’s winners for the SAMRU Awards

Did you know that last year SAMRU gave away $41,500 in scholarships through our SAMRU Awards? We’re always proud to recognize excellence in all our students, but the actual awards selection process requires – you guessed it – a committee! Students on the Selection Committee review applications and nominations for recipients and help select the winners. And all committee volunteers are invited to attend the SAMRU Awards ceremony (spoilers: this year’s ceremony is Harry Potter themed!).

If you’re interested in sitting on the SAMRU Awards Selection Committee, please contact Lisa Antichow, Administration Manager, for more information.


If you’ve gotten this far but you’re still not convinced, we’d like to suggest a pretty simple reason to join a committee: you’ll have fun! The connections you’ll make meeting new people and making new friends will help you get the most out of your university experience – and isn’t that what we’re all here for in the end?