Archived: Are you the newest member of MRU’s community garden?

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HB_GardenRecruitmentIt’s now officially spring, and springtime = gardening time! The MRU Community Garden is on the lookout for new members to join them for the season, and if you have even a passing interest in gardening, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.

Joining the community garden is a great way to build your gardening skills, get to know some good peeps, share tools and tips with experienced gardeners, and enjoy some fresh air (not to mention local organic produce). There’s tons going on throughout the spring and summer—you can expect workshop series, weekly work parties, and the chance to collaborate on cool member-led initiatives, like the ongoing horticultural therapy project. You might even have your own idea for a new initiative, and the community garden can help you make it happen.

MRU students, staff, and faculty alike are welcome to join. Whether you’re a green thumb or a greenhorn, lettuce welcome you into our worm embrace!

To find out more, call 403-440-8779 or contact Alana-Dawn Eirikson at