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My name is Meaghan and I’m the Student Advocacy Resource Coordinator with the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University. I have so much to tell you about self-advocacy!! Through this bi-weekly series, #AskMeaghan, my goal is to answer any questions you may have about this crazy-little-thing-called-UNIVERSITY ♫ (see this video to sing along).

Welcome Back!

As we head into a New Year, there’s lots of anticipation for what 2019 will bring. Some of us have set resolutions #newyearnewme while others are “hoping for the best.” Whatever your circumstance may be, the Student Advocacy Resource Centre would like to wish you a healthy, successful and safe semester.

To any new students reading this post, welcome to Mount Royal! While you probably aren’t preparing meals like they do on MasterChef and are in the midst of the “Game of Loans,” university can have its perks. There are lots of fun-filled activities in The Hub (check out Wild Card Wednesdays) and over seventy Clubs you can join to meet new people who have the same interests as you. Find your community by getting involved with SAMRU!

The Student Advocacy Resource Centre, on the other hand, is where you’ll come to visit me and find out your rights and responsibilities as a student. My goal for this series is to answer questions that will help you become your best self-advocate. This could be by empowering you with tidbits of policy information, coaching you on conflict resolution, or helping you construct your narrative for your misconduct hearing. I truly do encourage you to ask me anything. My only rule is the following: keep it class-y (pun INTENDED).

And now, our first question of 2019…

Any advice for students, new and returning, going into a new semester?

Introduce yourself to your Professors! I know this may sound silly but getting to know them now could help you out later. Breaking the ice early makes it easier to talk with them about your midterm you ~thought~ you aced. It can also help you develop a reference you may need for a job interview or volunteer opportunity. Not to mention, small programs may mean you will have the same Professor for multiple courses semester after semester. Building rapport can be tricky and likely intimidating but you’re not on the Bachelor/Bachelorette getting out of the limo. You can do this! Some basic pointers and pieces of encourage-mint (literally) include: stating your name, giving them a handshake and telling them a little bit about yourself. This can include what year you’re in, what you’re studying and maybe where you’re from.

Important note: If you’re a student registered with Accessibility Services, it’s good to set up a confidential/private meeting with your prof to discuss accommodation needs. Here’s a video with Glen Rylan (a GNED instructor) on how to have this meeting.

Oh, and don’t forget to smile… 😁😁😁

How to submit your questions to Meaghan:

Get involved today and #AskMeaghan to discover how you can become a #SAMRUselfadvocacy champion! Submit your questions by using the #AskMeaghan hashtag on social media or email me directly at I’m in the Student Advocacy Resource Centre (Z303) in Wyckham House from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm but feel free to pop by during drop-in hours from 12 to 2 pm on weekdays. The Student Advocacy Resource admins or myself would be happy to help you!