2013 E-Award Winners

Congratulations 2013 E-Award Winners!

Inspiring Culture Award

Andrew Duran – Inspired by the belief that all people deserve equal opportunities, Andrew completed his Bachelor of Law degree before moving to Canada to study business at MRU. As an international student, he understands the struggles newcomers may face in a new country. While working full-time and studying part-time, he has actively contributed to groups and activities which promote cultural diversity, aiming to ensure equality for all.

Deanna Cardinal Memorial Award

Glenna Cardinal – As a volunteer at SAMRU’s Native Student Centre, Glenna has devoted over 200 hours a semester to enriching MRU’s Aboriginal community. Serving as a resource and mentor, she inspires other students and encourages NSC visitors to get involved as they pursue their educational goals. By staying in touch with First Nations culture, Glenna helps promote community on campus, showing true dedication to her peers and their success.

Beyond Disabilities Award

Zachary Cox – Zachary is passionate about promoting positive relationships between accessibility service providers and clients. As a volunteer with MRU’s Accessibility Services, he has worked to provide friendly and high-quality support to his peers by assisting with note-taking across multiple disciplines. With a client-focused perspective, Zachary aims to help all students engage in school and succeed in achieving their goals.

Campus Sport and Wellness Award

Dani Gariepy – Dani is passionate about fitness and athletics on campus. As an enthusiastic participant in all aspects of campus recreation – from intramurals to customer service – she believes in sharing opportunities for mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Dani is a founding member of the MRU Women’s Ringette Club, where she works hard to maintain a fun and competitive team which contributes to community on campus.

Citizenship Award

Catharine Smart – Catharine loves giving back to the community. In 2012, she served as a student representative on MRU’s Harry G. Schaefer Mentorship Program Advisory Committee, where she helped create a bursary for student ambassadors. As a volunteer for YMCA Calgary and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada, Catharine has shown a true dedication to community programming and public health initiatives.

Green Earth Award

Cordelia Snowdon – Cordelia, a first year student, has already shown an enthusiastic commitment to promoting sustainability at MRU. In Winter 2013, she created a composting pilot project to collect organic waste from the Peer Support Centre’s Free Breakfast Program and compost it in the Sustainability Centre. By educating others on the benefits of environmental action, she hopes to create lasting change on campus and beyond.

Committed Learner Award

Henok Gebreyesus – Henok moved to Canada with the dream of studying health care in Alberta. During his time at MRU, he has overcome many challenges while adjusting to Canada’s educational and cultural norms. Determined to succeed academically, Henok has worked tirelessly to maintain a high GPA while working to support his family. He volunteers with the Calgary Soccer Federation, where he helps promote community among Calgarian youth.

Experiential Studies Award

Sabrina Lohmann – Going beyond the classroom, Sabrina has sought experiential learning opportunities which could complement her academic experience. As a practicum student at CUPS, she learned about teamwork while receiving constructive feedback on her teaching and interaction skills. Working with a diverse population in a challenging environment, Sabrina gained insight into social complexity while honing her professional skills.

Part Time Studies Award

Julia Koziell – As a part-time student, Julia has balanced her educational pursuits with responsibilities to her family and community. With a passion for environmental and ecological issues, she became involved with MRU’s community garden to promote skills development and sustainable agriculture on campus. In the future, Julia hopes to use her Environmental Science background to empower others and create innovative environmental solutions.

Excellence in Community Service Award

Mount Royal Tea Society – The Mount Royal Tea Society is dedicated to bringing people together through a love of tea. Showing a commitment the Mount Royal community, the Tea Society has held fundraisers and bake sales throughout the year, as well as worked with the Cultural Mosaic Centre to provide tea selections on International Food Day. By promoting student involvement and collaboration, the Tea Society helps build culture and friendship on campus.

Excellence in Membership Services Award

Computer Information Systems Students’ Society – CIS3 provides educational and professional opportunities for its members by encouraging networking, entrepreneurship and innovation. Offering news, events and academic support, the club helps its members deal with the challenges of post-secondary life. By encouraging its members to expand their skillsets, CIS3 helps students identify goals and work towards future success.

Reflector Award

Leanne Jeffrey – Leanne is a dedicated volunteer who has enhanced school spirit at MRU by promoting engagement amongst her peers. She is a founding member and chair of the Bissett Clubs Council, which encourages collaboration and involvement in the department’s student clubs. As a member of the Bissett Accounting Student Society, she has helped engage the club’s membership while demonstrating leadership both on and off campus.

Outstanding Student of the Year Award

Famira Racy – Famira has demonstrated a passionate commitment to academics and community involvement. On campus, she has maintained an outstanding academic record while serving as President of the Psychology Student Society and an active member of several other student clubs. In these roles – and as a student representative on multiple MRU committees and councils – Famira has worked to represent student voices, connecting her peers with initiatives that make a difference. Through her dedication to collaboration and community service, she has been a leader and inspiration to all those around her.

Gold Award

Nicole MacInnis – While achieving excellence in her own academics, Nicole has also helped her peers by working as a peer tutor at the Learning Skills Centre. Extending her passion for sociology outside the classroom, she has been involved with the Sociology Student Society, American Sociological Association, and Calgary Youth Justice Society. In addition to serving her community, Nicole has been a leader in undergraduate research, presenting her honours work locally and internationally.

Silver Award

Zachary Cox – Zachary has been involved with MRU’s Accessibility Services, where he has worked to remove barriers and help his clients achieve their educational goals. As the cofounder of the Mount Royal Tea Society, he has enhanced community by helping fellow students to connect and unwind over a love of tea. While demonstrating a strong commitment to his own academics, Zachary has also shown a passion for helping others, becoming not just a student, but a citizen on campus.

Silver Award

Tristan Smyth – Throughout his undergraduate career, Tristan has maintained an exceptional GPA while serving and connecting the campus community. His long history of campus involvement spans almost two dozen initiatives in the last year alone. As President of the English Student Society, he has promoted community by connecting incoming students with peers in their department. He is the creator of the Understanding Atrocities Conference, a project aiming to create conversations about genocide.

Bronze Award

Rhyan Pietromonaco – Rhyan is a devoted volunteer for more than a dozen charitable initiatives. As a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, the Children’s Cottage Society, and the Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids Society, he has dedicated himself to creating positive change for people in difficult situations. On campus, Rhyan has led by example, working to promote positivity and community service while maintaining dedication to his studies.

Bronze Award

Catharine Smart – Catharine believes that great education goes beyond the classroom. As an active volunteer both on and off campus, she has enhanced her education with real world experience, demonstrating a passion for campus life and community service. While volunteering for the Calgary YMCA, AIDS Calgary Awareness Association, MRU FAN Club and many others, Catharine has maintained a strong GPA and an active presence on campus.

Outstanding Governor of the Year

Jesse Beaudin – As a Students’ Council Governor, Jesse has dedicated himself to mentorship, policy development and committee service. In both Council and committee meetings, he has strived to provide a supportive and honest perspective, demonstrating fairness and professionalism in all his interactions. With an appreciation for diverse perspectives, Jesse enjoys working with his fellow Governors to create innovative strategies for SAMRU’s future success.

Teaching Excellence Award

Dr. Tracy Nielsen – Challenging her students to think critically about their own assumptions, Dr. Nielsen’s lessons go beyond the classroom. Often acting as a moral support to her students, she works hard to make each student feel respected and welcomed, treating her class as a dialogue rather than a lecture. By giving students the opportunity to share and learn, Dr. Nielsen creates a community of equals.

Teaching Excellence Award

Dr. Carol Armstrong – Dr. Armstrong is more than just an excellent instructor, she is also a mentor and a motivator. Balancing challenging course material with a commitment to student success, she prepares students for the future by helping them develop important scientific skills. With a passion for research, Dr. Armstrong acts as a role model to those around her, encouraging students to seek out the information which inspires them.

Champion Award

Dr. Irene Shankar – Dr. Shankar’s dedication, approachability and responsiveness set her apart as an exceptional instructor. In the classroom, she is an innovative teacher who challenges students to achieve their personal best, providing a responsive environment which encourages student success. Outside class, she exceeds her responsibilities by offering knowledgeable support to students as they pursue their academic goals.

Champion Award

Dr. Shane Gannon – Dr. Gannon excels at enhancing the quality of life of students at MRU. Going above and beyond his responsibilities as an instructor, he helps his students gain confidence by allowing them to see the value and potential of their own voices. Through accessible support, energetic teaching, and an unfaltering investment in student success, Dr. Gannon makes class a life-changing experience.

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