2014 E-Award Winners

Congratulations 2014 E-Awards Winners!

Inspiring Culture Award

Jessica Gurnsey

Jessica’s commitment to creating a positive, inclusive environment inspired her to establish JuiceBox Theatre. The club has helped shape a space on campus where a diverse community is celebrated and allows members to express their culture and traditions in a safe, fun environment. As president, Jessica has both empowered and challenged her peers to explore diverse—sometimes controversial—issues through theatre.

Deanna Cardinal Memorial Award

Sarah Gerrard

Through her work with Enactus Mount Royal, Sarah has proven dedicated to empowering her fellow students through the development of community outreach programming. She has worked closely with the EmpowerU project and she is currently the project co-lead of the Aboriginal Community Empowerment program, helping to develop a class to teach employment skills and financial literacy to Aboriginal students.

Alannah Providence-Toho

An avid volunteer at SAMRU’s Native Student Centre, Alannah is passionate about engaging with her peers and building relationships, helping Aboriginal students to rediscover and strengthen their ties to the Aboriginal community. Alannah firmly believes in the importance giving back, and demonstrates this in her volunteer work with the center, providing support for events such as the Elder Series and pow-wows while creating connections and sharing Aboriginal heritage and traditions.

Beyond Disabilities Award

Alyssa Denis

With a focus on promoting inclusion, connection, and support, Alyssa has been a determined advocate on MRU campus for policy change and accessibility features, and always is happy to educate her peers about disability rights, issues, and challenges. She has volunteered with programs such as the Between Friends’ summer camp and the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guide School, and as a volunteer for the Girl Power program, she provides as strong role model to young girls with disabilities.

Gender and Sexual Diversity Award

Alycia Herlein

Through patient guidance and open discussion, Alycia has helped broaden her peers’ understanding of gender and sexual diversity, and has been a strong advocate for issues related to the subject. In her role as a volunteer with the SAMRU Pride Center, she has mediated discussions in a safe and open environment in a way that promotes inclusion and education. Her volunteer work includes facilitating workshops and coordinating events such as Gender Bender.

Campus Sport and Wellness Award

Michael Dubnyk

Michael has enriched his educational experience at Mount Royal by involving himself strongly with the Mount Royal Recreation facilities. As an intramural sports convener, he contributes to positive game experiences and ensures that all participants enjoy themselves while maintaining fair play. Through his participation in intramural and athletics-related initiatives he aims to promote an active, safe and enjoyable lifestyle.

Campus Sport and Wellness Award

Orry Roth

A volunteer student representative for Wellness Service’s BreathingRoom program, Orry seeks to empower his peers by providing them with accessible, supportive resources to address mental health issues. Through his volunteer work and community involvement, he has not only positively impacted the lives of others but proven that education and support are invaluable to overcoming the stigma related to mental illness.

Citizenship Award

Danielle Gibbie

Danielle believes it is her duty to be of service to the community. As President of Enactus Mount Royal, she been actively involved with the development of the EmpowerU program, a curriculum which coaches vulnerable women in financial literacy and job-skill development. Her involvement with outreach programs such as S.E.E.D., A.C.E., and Recreate has proven Danielle’s dedication to creating a tangible difference in the lives of those around her.

Green Earth Award

Stephanie Melville

Volunteering for the SAMRU’s Sustainability Centre has allowed Stephanie to pursue her goal of enriching environmental sustainability on campus. Her significant contributions to the student-led conference, CREATE a Better Now!, promoted awareness of sustainability issues and helped establish close ties between the Sustainability Centre and the wider Calgary community.  Stephanie is eager to continue her activity as a volunteer and help encourage student participation in sustainable initiatives.

Committed Learning Award

Alyssa Cheema

In pursuit of her degree in psychology with a double minor, Alyssa has demonstrated her strong personal resilience and tireless determination. Balancing the responsibilities of school, full-time employment, family, and work as a volunteer research assistant, she has overcome life’s challenges to pursue her academic career. Alyssa hopes one day to use her education to better the lives of others around her.

Experiential Studies Award

Alex Christison

Through his participation in the inaugural Field School in Sociology of Disaster program held in New Orleans, Alex has shown a profound desire to apply his academic knowledge for the betterment of others. He strongly believes that the sociology discipline is critical to addressing social injustice. By embracing unique learning opportunities, Alex has developed a better understanding of power dynamics and privilege in order to best serve his community—both local and international.

Part Time Studies Award

Onyekachi Nwoke

Onyekachi has an outstanding record of community involvement and strong academic achievement. He has been actively involved with Immigrant Services Calgary as a youth mentor and has enjoyed educating fellow students as a Peer Diversity Education Leader at MRU. Currently a part-time sociology honours student, he hopes to pursue a master’s degree in developmental studies with the goal of working with an international non-profit organization to benefit others.

Excellence in Community Service Award


Committed to providing transformative, innovative community service, Enactus Mount Royal—made up of students from a wide variety of MRU faculties—currently participates in six active outreach programs. The club’s significant contributions to the community are reflected in work such as “Project High River”, a collaborative effort that was responsible for giving over $5,000 directly to the town’s small businesses.

Excellence in Membership Services Award

Bissett Accounting Students’ Society

The Bissett Accounting Students’ Society has shown a clear dedication to providing their members with outstanding service. BASS has coordinated events such as networking dinners and golf tournaments, helping students form lasting developmental relationships with accounting professionals. This year, the club supplied two scholarships of $1,000 to students who have shown active involvement in the club.

Reflector Award

Dexter Bruneau

Dexter strives to lead by example in order to make the campus a more vibrant, diverse place. He provides support and guidance to his peers through his extensive volunteer activities with the SAMRU Chess Club, the Students’ Justice Society, and the Secular Humanists club of MRU. His volunteer and leadership efforts have shown that Dexter is passionate about enriching the lives of his peers and making a mark on the campus community.

Outstanding Student of the Year Award

Kyle Kinaschuk

Immersed in the Mount Royal academic experience, Kyle is committed to cultivating and enriching campus life. His impressive history of volunteer work and effective peer leadership both attest to his drive to nourish Mount Royal’s vibrant community. Despite taking a full course load and investing significant time in program initiatives—such as the undergraduate student journal AFFECTUS and the anti-bullying project “Who’s Frank?”—Kyle has managed to maintain an impeccable academic record.

Gold Award

Sabrina Trimble

A model student in pursuit of her honour’s degree in history, Sabrina believes that storytelling is fundamental to nurturing empathy and understanding. This is evident in her activities as a thoughtful and engaged volunteer work in the community: she has served as editor of the Mount Royal Undergraduate Humanities Review, leads the Historical Society as president, and has participated in various local conferences and workshops.

Silver Award 1

Simon (Sam) Ulmer-Krol

Simon (Sam) has encouraged an inclusive, welcoming campus environment for his peers through his extensive volunteer work with the MRU community. His activities have ranged from N.S.O. student leader to acting president of the SAMRU club Potlach—all while maintaining an exceptional GPA. His position on multiple MRU committees has allowed him to lend a voice to the student perspective and further enhance the university experience for his fellow students.

Silver Award 2

Chad Neufeld

Chad has established himself as a student leader on the Mount Royal campus. In his role as president of the Marketing Society, he has encouraged his peers to success by facilitating networking events, representing marketing students, and reaching out to the community through programs and events. He has also participated in Solar Decathlon 2013—a solar home-building competition—and intends to develop a strategy to help increase the breadth of education for business and communication students.

Bronze Award 1

Marcel Gruber

Through his volunteer activities both within MRU and in the wider community, Marcel aims to support his fellow students in their initiatives and ambitions. He is passionate about helping his peers achieve personal success, and as President of CIS3, he helps computer science students develop strong relationships, both peer and professional. By connecting students with employment and volunteer opportunities, Marcel strives to support his community in a tangible way.

Bronze Award 2

Grant Lahring

Grant chose to make extracurricular activities a defining feature of his time at Mount Royal, and as a result has become highly involved with club and volunteer opportunities on campus. As a member of the Marketing Society, Enactus Mount Royal, and the Ski Club at MRU, he has helped co-ordinate programs and events that bring together students in a positive, constructive environment. Grant, striving to make a difference in the community, has participated in several charity events.

Teaching Excellence Awards

Dr. Shane Gannon

A staunch supporter for Mount Royal’s students, Dr. Gannon has proven himself an earnest, passionate educator willing to go above and beyond the requirements of his position. He maintains a high standard of involvement, engaging with his students on a personal as well as academic level. He also enriches the learning experience through emphasizing active student participation and encouraging feedback on course material.

Dr. Ada Jaarsma

Dr. Jaarsma provides an innovative, challenging, and engaging instructional experience. By inviting student participation in conferences and seminars, she provides opportunities for students to engage in academic dialogue with their peers and faculty. She helps shape students’ knowledge practices both inside and outside the classroom by encouraging student initiatives (serving, for example, as academic advisor to the undergraduate journal AFFECTUS).

Dr. Jennifer Pettit

Dr. Pettit instructs her students with conscientious and empathetic guidance, providing highly constructive and positive student experiences. She seeks meaningful engagement from her classes through innovative teaching methods, as seen in her participation in the blended lecture/role-playing re-enactment history course, “The American Revolutionary Era.” Dr. Pettit co-teaches the Treaty 7 Field Study, a course that combines traditional lectures with a week-long experiential field study component.