Nominate your Valedictorian

You can nominate yourself or an exceptional fellow student to represent your graduating class as Valedictorian. The Valedictorian provides a formal address to all fellow graduating students and to faculty and guests at Convocation.

Any Mount Royal student, staff, or faculty member can nominate a graduating student to be Valedictorian. Potential candidates should be graduating and convocating at either the June or November convocation, and must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2, be a strong public speaker, and have a history of involvement in campus or community activities.

The Award

The University will usually select two Valedictorians for the June Convocations and one Valedictorian for the November Convocation. Valedictorians will write and deliver an address to fellow graduates, faculty, honoured guests, friends and family attending Convocation.

Eligibility and Criteria

Nominees will be considered by the Selection Committee in terms of the criteria listed below:

  • Open to all students graduating from credit programs
  • Student can be graduating at the upcoming June or November Convocations
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher in a credit program
  • Involvement in campus and community activities will be considered
  • Candidates should have strong public speaking skills


Nominations are to be made on the form available from the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office, or online.

Nominators must be faculty, staff, or a student of the University.

To nominate a student for Valedictorian, the nominator must complete the nomination form and have the candidate sign the form and confirm all contact information is correct. Attached to the nomination form must be a letter or paragraph outlining the rationale for nomination.

Nominations are to be received by the Manager, Student Awards and Financial Aid no later than February 28 each year.

Visit the MRU website for more information.

Selection Process

  • Nominated students will then be sent a letter asking them to submit a resume of their work and extra curricular activities, as well as a short essay (approximately 250 words) explaining why they would like to be Valedictorian and the message they would bring.
  • After reviewing the information provided by the nominees, the selection committee will contact finalists for a personal interview. Interviews normally take place in late April.
  • Selections for June and November Convocations will be made at the same time.
  • The Selection Committee may select two Valedictorians for the June Convocation – one who is graduating from a program in the morning ceremony and one who is graduating from a program in the afternoon ceremony. Or alternately, one candidate may be selected to speak at both June ceremonies. Only one Valedictorian will be selected for the November Convocation.

Notification Process

  • After the interview process, the successful candidate will be contacted by phone.
  • Those who were selected for an interview but were not selected as Valedictorian will receive a letter informing them of the committee’s decision.
  • An email will be sent to the Valedictorian’s nominator, as well as the Dean and Chair of the program/department from which the Valedictorian is graduating.

The revision to the Valedictorian nomination process allowing students along with staff and faculty to nominate a Valedictorian was made possible by cooperation between Vice-Student University Affairs (2009-2011) Eily Sweeney and Lynette Runions, Manager, Student Awards and Financial Aid.