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Why you should attend SAMRU’s AGM on November 27th

What’s an AGM, you ask? AGM stands for Annual General Meeting. Wait! Before you skip ahead to another story, stop and read some more. Spoiler: there’s free food, swag and prizes to be won just for attending a short meeting (did someone say iPad Mini?)


So, why is the AGM important? Your Students’ Association primary objective is to ensure that the interests of students are a priority for MRU, for the municipal, provincial and federal governments, and sometimes for the public-at-large. To do this, the SA has four full-time student representatives and 14 part-time student governors who govern the association and who represent students on over 80 committees and boards.


SAMRU has an $8 million operating budget, provides over 90 services and programs to MRU students, and is one the few students’ associations in Canada to own its own student centre. Since the 1960s, Mount Royal students have made a significant investment into owning their own space, allowing MRU students today the freedom to be independent and autonomous. Based on costs, the Students’ Association controls and maintains approximately $23 million of assets, including Wyckham House.


SAMRU is governed by a board of student governors called Students’ Council. The board employs a number of full-time professional staff, and over 60 part-time staff (mostly students) who support and implement the board’s vision and mission by managing the operations of student assets, including Wyckham House and all of its services and programs. And everyone’s here to make sure that MRU students succeed.


Why should you attend the AGM? Well, if you’re a credit student, then you’re a fee-paying member of the Students’ Association. In return, you are represented by Students’ Council, while also having access to a variety of free or subsidized student services, most of which are contained in your student centre. The SA also has other sources of revenue, which help subsidize student fees.


A portion of SAMRU’s budget revenue is derived from retail operations (like the Hub, the Copywrite and Wycked Deli), as well as from lease revenue (people rent space in Wyckham House to run their own businesses and then pay us rent). That revenue helps to subsidize SA fees and students’ association services.


As always, SA fees are decided on by students, and are always approved by student governors through Students’ Council. For example, MRU students consistently voted in referenda to ensure that MRU students have a solid health and dental plan. SAMRU collects the fees associated with that particular program in order to pay the premiums on behalf of students, and students benefit from using the program.


One important way you can be involved with the decisions being made for MRU students by your Students’ Association is by taking part in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on November 27th. This meeting is help primarily to report to students on the governance initiatives, the operations and the financial position of the Students’ Association. Attend our AGM held in The Hub over the lunch hour, find out what’s happening with your SA, and ask your student representatives questions!


There will also be free food and great giveaways as an incentive to join in (did we mention that you can win an iPad Mini just by being at the meeting).


Learn more about the AGM >>



Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Annual General Meeting (AGM)