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Every time we ask MRU students who they’d like to see play in Wyckham House… they start repeating this name. Over and over. Seriously. Over and over…. It’s like MRU students have a secret fan-boi/gurl crush on Matty, Danny, Bob, and Brock or something.

These guys have been rocking together non-stop since they were little nobodies, and if there’s a slight chance you haven’t seen them play live before, you’re going to want to. You’re going to laugh, you’re going to dance, and you’re gonna pump your fist in the air ‘till you wish you hadn’t skipped arm-day.

Along with Smalltown DJs, SAMRU’s Last Class Bash (LCB) 2015 is bringing you…. (wait for it…) The Dudes!

So what is LCB?

LCB (as it’s affectionately known to those who are short on time) is Last Class Bash – the biggest, most awesome, most memorable, most “oh my goodness I can’t believe that just happened” party your SAMRU throws. Every year. Every year we work to bring you the most amazing party you’ll see; to send those graduating off with a bang, and to make sure those of you who have just a few more credits left stick around – because you’ll want to experience this again next year too…

LCB is our celebration of the last day of classes. Last Class Bash – last day of classes party. It’s easy to remember, especially when you have final-project-brain. (It also makes remembering the day really easy too.)

It all goes down April 16th. Doors open at 9:00 p.m. but you’re going to need tickets in advance. This party sells out every year. (And yes, we see your posts begging for tickets… and feel mighty sorry for you while sipping our beverages and watching awesome musical acts with 1000 of our closest friends…) Oh yeah – The Hub will be open selling drinks and snacks, and will even have some remote drink stations so you can forego the really long lines when you’re feeling parched.

Tickets are $15.00/each through Copywrite & Used Books, located in the lower level of Wyckham House and open Tuesday to Thursday. Monday– Friday you can get your tickets from SAMRU reception on the 2nd floor of Wyckham House. You’ll need your MRU ID, and you can buy two tickets per purchase. This means yes – you can bring a friend who doesn’t attend MRU! On the very unlikely chance we don’t sell out all 1000 tickets in advance, a limited number of tickets MAY be available at the door, but you’ll play an extra $5.00 each – tickets at the door will be $20.00/each, and you’ll need your MRU ID, for these first-come-first-served tickets.


LCB 2015: The Dudes & Smalltown DJs

April 16, 2015

Wyckham House

Doors open at 9:00 p.m.

Tickets $15.00 in advance, available at Copywrite & Used Books & SAMRU reception  after March 16th.

Tickets $20.00 at the door first-come-first-served

MRU ID required for ticket purchase, 2 tickets per purchase.

18+ event only, please celebrate the end of the academic year responsibly.


Want more information? Check out the calendar entry for some good notes about how to make the most of LCB2015 here >>

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By Dawn Linnemoller, Editor & Content Coordinator, SAMRU