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Jazz lives in The Hub

 Last year, The Hub introduced the Friday Afternoon Jazz program – a chance for MRU students enrolled in the Jazz Performance Credit Program to take the stage and practice their chops in front of... Read More
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Fall Out White Out

The Fall 2013 semester is almost over, and for some of you this means exams, final papers and a chance for an (all-too-short) break before classes resume in January. For those of you in the know –... Read More
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Human rights & you

What kinds of requests are human rights accommodations?Have you ever asked someone to be accommodated under one of the grounds of human rights? Chances are good you may not have known, at the time,... Read More
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Join the Season of Caring

 The Season of Caring brings the whole MRU campus community together at the end of the fall semester to support students and our Calgary community.Feeling stressed? We can help! We know that the end... Read More
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Get in-the-know; join the SOS team

Do you ever feel like you only find out about the cool things happening on campus after the fact? Well we have a great opportunity to help you always be ‘in the know’ – and become the go-to... Read More
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