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Understanding North Korea

Interested in learning more about North Korea? On April 3rd, Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) will visit SAMRU for a presentation and screening of their newest documentary, Danny from North Korea.LiNK... Read More
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Climate Wars – are we there yet?

In his recent book, journalist and lecturer Gwynne Dyer asks the question “Are we there yet?” in response to the “Ideas” series on the CBC about the geopolitical implications of large-scale... Read More
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Express the Aboriginal experience

Do you have something to say about what Aboriginal culture? Have thoughts about what it is like to be an Aboriginal student in Calgary? Want to share your artwork or photography that expresses the... Read More
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SAMRU Elections Results 2013

The unofficial results of SAMRU’s 2013 elections are in! Thank you to everyone who voted and who stepped up and ran for a position!This year’s elections were a great success, with 15% voter... Read More
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A thrifty idea in The Hub

Each week The Hub hosts Thursday Student Night, as a direct request last year from students who wanted a great dance night right here on campus. In the past few weeks, a few of these Thursday nights... Read More
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