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Now that school is out, you might experience a strange sensation known as “free time”. Apart from a summer job and much-needed relaxation, how should you spend your leisurely months? Check out these options for budget-friendly summertime fun:

Take a hike – Summer is a great time to court the physical fitness that eluded you during exams. Take advantage of the weather by taking a hike, walk, or bike ride through the city. For scenic views, stroll through Glenmore or Fish Creek Park, or walk up the McHugh Bluff Park stairs near Memorial Drive.

Plan a picnic – Nothing says summer like an afternoon picnic, so grab some friends, devil some eggs, and thrown down a blanket in Prince’s Island Park. If you’re feeling fancy, gather supplies beforehand at the Crossroads Market, where you can peruse antiques on your quest for the perfect tomato.

Attend a festival – There are over a dozen festivals in Calgary during summer, and many of them (like Sun and Salsa, Choose Yer Own and Marda Gras) are completely free. Others have student rates or discounted days. For information on festivals and other cultural events, check the FFWD Weekly Events Listings.

Make your own fun – Who says fun has to be complicated? Gather your friends for a potluck or hot dog roast, or pick up some old board games at Value Village. If you’re into exploring Calgary, why not plan your own walking tour, or rent a raft and float down the Bow River. Whatever you decide, take this opportunity to relax, rest up, and enjoy the summer – you’ve earned it!

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