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Whether you’re into zombies or ‘zines, SAMRU clubs are a great way to pursue your passions.With over $1000 in annual funding opportunities for ratified student clubs, SAMRU can help you bring your ideas to life.

Through SAMRU’s Start-up Fund, new student clubs can receive $100 to get their club off the ground. Need supplies for your first meeting? Snacks for your movie marathon? $100 can go a long way!

Ratified clubs may also be eligible for up to $500 annually through the Clubs Development Fund. “This fund is designed to help clubs with larger projects that will benefit students on campus,” says Clubs Coordinator Amber Mader. “This may apply to speakers, professional development opportunities, workshops, or networking events.”

Here’s a few ways clubs have used the fund in 2012 – 13:
• Computer Information Systems Student Society hosted a discussion panel on project management in the healthcare sector
• Improvination invited Mat Mailandt to guest-direct an improv workshop on campus
• Student Nursing Society brought in photographer Grace Brown to discuss Project Unbreakable

Clubs can also apply for a textbook fund to create shared resource libraries, and for a poster fund to promote events. To learn more about these opportunities, speak with SAMRU’s Clubs Coordinator. “Awesome ideas can be expensive,” says Amber. “If you want to reach high, we can help you figure it out.”

For more information on club funding, visit our clubs page:

– by Nicole Boyce