Interior Design Students’ Society


  • Meg Sampson 2nd Year External Representative
  • Sarak Paschinski 2nd Year Internal Representative
  • Anita Sahota 2nd Year Visuals/Display Coordinator
  • Mia Groenewegen 2nd Year Event Coordinator
  • Erin Scott 2nd Year Treasurer
  • Andrea Burch 2nd Year Community Outreach
  • Kaelan Minter 1st Year External Representative
  • Christina Sission 1st Year Internal Representative
  • Ginny Drader 1st Year Visuals/Display Coordinator
  • Arie Te Stroete 1st Year Events Coordinator
  • Avril Wirzba-Heckley 1st Year Community Outreach

Primary Contact Information

Mission Statement

Our goals are to promote a rewarding design studio experience by:
- Building a unified group of students who share common goals;
- Seeking ways to enhance the physical studio space;
- Encourage extra-curricular involvement through social and charitable activities; and;
- Connect students with industry professionals.


The Interior Design Students' Society seeks to elevate the educational experience of student members by promoting a rewarding design studio experience by providing opportunities for interactions with Calgary's design community and advocating on behalf of the students to external organisations.