Leaders for Environmental Awareness and Protection (L.E.A.P.)


  • Anne Neumann President
  • Jazmin Contreras Vice President
  • Karel Beijer Treasurer
  • Heather Walker, Member Coordinator
  • Mahnum Agha Member Coordinator
  • Justin Cyr Secretary
  • Caitlin Henderson Events

Primary Contact Information

Instagram: @leap_samru

Mission Statement

- Promote Environmental Awareness Locally and Globally;
- Promote Networking Opportunities For Students Interested in Environmental Issues, and Leaders Within the Industry;
- Partake and Engage in Volunteer Experiences Throughout the Province;
- Provide Opportunities to Attend Educational Conferences, Presentations and
Activities; and
- Assist in the Growth of Professional Development Throughout the MRU Program.


L.E.A.P. is an environmentally based club that promotes environmental awareness locally and globally. We partake in various volunteer events around the province (predominantly in southern Alberta) such as fish rescues, Christmas tree sales, and bio-dynamic farming. We also partake in various recreational activities such as hiking, skiing, and movie nights that are planned by our executive committee. Our current project is building a Sustainable Greenhouse on MRU campus that will be able to be used by future L.E.A.P. members.

The purpose of this club is to promote environmental awareness locally and globally. We promote opportunities for social interaction among students interested in environmental issues. This will be achieved by:
1. Volunteering within the province to encourage more sustainable development;

2. Provide opportunities for students to meet individuals within the Environmental sector;

3. Provide an opportunity to attend educational conferences, presentations, and activities; and

4. Assist in the growth of professional development throughout the MRU Program.